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Naga Land. Stimmen aus Nordostindien

In the organizer's words:

All over the world, minorities are fighting for cultural self-determination or political autonomy. One such minority is the Naga - an umbrella term for more than 30 different social groups that, despite many similarities, differ in their culture and language as well as in their self-image.

Today, the majority of the approximately three million people live in the state of Nagaland in northeastern India. Since the end of British colonial rule, the Naga have been struggling for autonomy from mainland India and for cultural self-determination. It is only in this period that the aspiration for a common identity has emerged. Christianity is the most important religion in Nagaland and has greatly influenced the culture. So what does it mean to be a Naga today?

The exhibition Naga Land. Voices from Northeast India highlights various aspects of contemporary Naga society and its cultural identity. It brings together the historical Naga collection of the Ethnological Museum in Berlin with contemporary photography, fashion and visual art from the region. The Naga have been the focus of European research interest since the 19th century.

The interdisciplinary curatorial team of the collaborative exhibition of the National Museums in Berlin, the Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace and the Botanical Museum Berlin includes the Naga artist Zubeni Lotha. She explores the constructed image of the Naga in historical Western photography. The new sound installation I will not weep by Naga artist Senti Toy Threadgill in the Humboldt Forum's listening room also reflects on contemporary Nagaland, its colonial past and current political situation.

Additional information: Admission free Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun: 10:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Tues: closed. Languages: German / English. Wheelchair accessible. 3RD FLOOR

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Humboldt Forum Schloßplatz 10178 Berlin

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