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A life far away from here; lived in the extremes and their emotions. These are the themes "Nkalis" (Niklas Halm, 25) addresses in his lyrics. Born in Munich, he grew up in Malaysia between glamorous high-rise penthouses and corrugated iron huts. Through the changeable and rough circumstances of his youth, he found his way to music and began to produce beats and lyrics on them to process what he had experienced. Returning as an adult to a homeland unfamiliar to him, he began to make a name for himself in 2018. A crossover of diverse genres with stylistic elements of hip hop, trap and RnB, as well as classical instruments and electronic sounds. Add to that his unique smoky voice that he took from his childhood in Penang, Malaysia, coupled with a strong amount of punk attitude. Although 'Nkalis' creates something new, people crave comparisons and want to take cues from the familiar: Greats like Kelvyn Colt, Machine Gun Kelly or Run the Jewels are often mentioned. His songs exude the vibe of Cypress Hill in the early 2000s with the urgency of a Goldroger, BLVTH or Casper in the lyrics. Somewhat somber, but always with the necessary optimism. Whether he's dealing with pain (No Fair), brimming with motivation (Don't Need Air, Evil) or attempting laid-back ballads (Mary Jane, Washed Away, Habits). Still: it's something new, something different. Non-stop for several years as well as the Covid pandemic, he released songs. His 8 million Spotify streams and a first sold-out tour in Pandemic 2021 represent only the beginning of his journey as an artist.

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Monarch Skalitzer Str. 134 10999 Berlin

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