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Onkel Wanja

In the organizer's words:

by Anton Chekhov / Director: Jan Bosse

Everything seemed to be settled: Sonja manages her deceased mother's estate together with her brother Vanya, her uncle. With their work, they support the life of their father, who lives in the city as a famous professor of art. From time to time they are visited by the doctor and environmentalist Astrow. Everything goes haywire when the professor comes to visit them in the country with his new young wife Yelena: breakfast is not eaten until lunchtime, night turns into day, alcohol flows and irresolvable love confusions make the chaos perfect. The already explosive atmosphere reaches its climax when the professor informs everyone that he wants to sell the estate, whose rightful heir is actually Sonja. The lies of life are suddenly exposed - the question of the life that has not been lived emerges - and the tacit agreements on the division of labor and use of the supposedly shared property become questionable. Carry on as before? Change everything?

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Price information:

Theater day on 30.06.! All seats 12/8€


Schauspiel Frankfurt Neue Mainzer Straße 17 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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Schauspiel Frankfurt
Schauspiel Frankfurt Neue Mainzer Straße 17 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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