"Paint the Bus" Graffiti Workshop

In the organizer's words:

Experience the exciting opportunity to spray a decommissioned bus in our unique graffiti workshop in the heart of Berlin! Learn how to use a spray can creatively and receive professional instruction from our experienced guides. Take the opportunity to live out your creativity and create an extraordinary work of art. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of graffiti and design an impressive joint project that will stay in your memory for a long time.

Our workshops are ideal for groups and companies looking for a special kind of team-building or simply want to experience a creative break from everyday life. In addition to the practical part, in which you pick up a spray can yourself, we also offer an introduction to the history and technique of graffiti. Find out how this art form came about and what techniques and styles there are.

Although we will provide you with protective clothing (masks, gloves, protective gowns and socks), we still ask you not to wear your best evening wear. Graffiti can be a colorful and sometimes unpredictable affair, and it would be a shame if your clothes suffered as a result.

Our workshop not only offers the opportunity to express yourself artistically, but also promotes team spirit and cooperation. Together with your colleagues or friends, you can create a great piece of art that will serve as a lasting memory of this unique experience.

Our guides will not only show you how to use the spray can masterfully, but also share their exciting stories and years of experience. With their passion and authentic insights into the background, motivation and fascination of graffiti, they make every session an unforgettable experience.

Whether beginner or advanced - everyone is welcome and will receive individual support. Sign up today and discover the world of graffiti in a whole new dimension!

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