PHOTO: © Globe Berlin (open air) / Norbert Lienig

Romeo & Julia von William Shakespeare

In the organizer's words:

The Globe long-running hit in the translation by Christian Leonard. Open air.

The Globe Ensemble Berlin brings Shakespeare's most frequently performed tragedy to the stage in the best tradition of popular theater: the most famous love story is told with a wealth of language and live music, with mask play and fight scenes and in its own fresh and poetic translation. A young love full of passion and fire meets the old hatred of two rival families. The themes of young love, old hatred, rivalry, passion, fear of loss, power and powerlessness, willingness to take risks, civil courage and ultimately the question of the meaning of human existence in the face of death run through a web of unfortunate coincidences. Only in the death of the two lovers does the hatred that has almost become a tradition come to an end and Romeo & Juliet become martyrs in a senseless war.

With Adrian Stowasser, Astrid Köhler, Benjamin Krüger, Henning Bormann, Lukas Bredefeld, Nadja Schimonsky, Philipp Myk, Wiebke Acton

Direction, translation, play version: Christian Leonard / dramaturgy, assistant director, choirs: Josephine Tietze / music: Bernd Medek / costumes: Petra Wilke / stage: Thomas Lorenz-Herting / stage design, make-up: Katharina Piriwe / choreography: Gabriela Dumitrescu / fight scenes: Lukas Benjamin Engel / Make-up: Katharina Buccarello, Josephine Müller

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Price information:

Only remaining tickets at the Box Office (surcharge 2 €, no concessions)


Globe Berlin Sömmeringstraße 15 10589 Berlin

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