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Art exhibition by Andrea Leuchs:

Whether on previously worked surfaces such as paper, canvas, Plexiglas or various natural materials - Andrea Leuchs handwrites her thoughts on her works. As she dispenses with spacing between words and lines, the writing becomes almost illegible and ultimately looks like a fine abstract web of lines that covers everything. The structure of her handwriting and the nature of the materials meet in an idiosyncratic way.

The texts only emerge during the writing process. The artist consciously allows her thinking to be influenced by the peculiarities of the writing material and colors as well as by the sensory impressions in her surroundings. The result is "written images" in which the experienced and the biographical, the real and the imagined, the philosophical and the poetic are woven into a web of lived and thought-out time.

Thinking slows down extremely during the writing process. Leuchs perceives this slowness as her own personal counter-movement to the general value of speed and rational work. She consciously enjoys this act of purposeless, non-goal-oriented immersion in the creative process. The privacy of the thoughts is preserved by the illegibility of the texts.

In the exhibition, she places thoughts and short texts that the artist considers "worth keeping" in a legible form next to the typefaces.

Andrea Leuchs studied art education with Professor Hans Daucher at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich from 1975 to 1979. In addition to her work as a freelance artist, she has worked as a lecturer in arts and crafts and art education and on the subject of creative writing and painting at various educational institutions since 1983. The artist lives and works in Munich.

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