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With his latest art installation FLOW, light artist Christopher Bauder is once again lighting up the Berlin night this summer. Dutch musician Chris Kuijten composed the multi-channel, immersive soundtrack.

The large-format work FLOW will be on display in the outdoor area of DARK MATTER from 31.05. to 29.09. from sunset as part of SOMMERLIGHTS 2024.

SOMMERLIGHTS'24 can be experienced in two different ways: as the FLOW exhibition and with guest live performances/DJ sets.

FLOW describes the exhilarating feeling of complete immersion and total absorption in a seemingly endless moment. FLOW describes the state of complete detachment, a state in which you forget space and time. You are only in the moment and are completely absorbed in it.

The state of FLOW is as light and natural as breathing. This vague yet concrete feeling of being in FLOW is what we long for in life. Everything is in perfect balance, in equilibrium. We forget time. We lose ourselves. FLOW is a fleeting moment of lingering, in which everything fits, everything makes sense and the world is simply beautiful. FLOW changes and yet is so light, so deeply rooted in us and as simple as breathing.

The gigantic light art sculpture is made up of 1,000 partially movable luminaires with over 30,000 individually controllable light points. The computer-generated, floating construction shines in infinite shapes and patterns, as if organically drawn by nature and yet technically perfect. Endless waves breaking on a distant beach, water moving towards the visitor, then retreating, only to approach again with the next wave. A constant up and down, back and forth. Everything is in motion and in flux, everything changes, nothing stays the same and yet at this moment you feel suspended and in FLOW.

The light installation consists of a 45-minute show that is repeated throughout the evening after sunset. There are no fixed starting times, you can come at any time and stay as long as you like.

Frequently asked questions about SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 @DARK MATTER

1. how long is a ticket for SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 valid for?

The organizers of SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 have put a lot of thought and planning into ensuring that you can enjoy your stay in peace and quiet and that there are not too many people on the site at once.

To avoid long waiting times at the entrance, the day at DARK MATTER is divided into timeslots. The tour through the rooms with 7 installations takes about 1-2 hours. Re-entry is not possible.

2. how do I get to SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 @ DARK MATTER?

The organizers of SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 would like to encourage you to travel by public transport or bicycle for environmentally friendly reasons.

By public transport, you can get off at Rummelsburg S-Bahn station. From here you can either take streetcar 21 in the direction of S Schöneweide for 2 stops to Gustav-Holzmann-Strasse, or you can treat yourself to some fresh air and walk 10-15 minutes along the main street until you reach DARK MATTER after approx. 1.4 km on the left-hand side of the street.

There are bike racks on the premises where you can lock up your bike.

3. may I take photographs at SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 and on the DARK MATTER site?

Photography is expressly permitted at DARK MATTER, but without flash. It is the perfect place for enchanting, unusual shots.

When posting your DARK MATTER experience on social media, please use the hashtag #DarkMatterBerlin. This will make the organizers of SOMMERLIGHTS very happy.

Please note that the images may only be used for private purposes. You can find all the details here in the house rules.

4. can I bring children to the SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 exhibition?

Children are welcome if accompanied by a supervising adult - DARK MATTER is a place & SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 is an exhibition for all ages and invites you to marvel, climb and join in.

5. is there level access to the SOMMERLIGHTS 2024 exhibition on the DARK MATTER site?

The entrance as well as the exhibition areas and sanitary facilities at DARK MATTER are barrier-free.

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Price information:

Children up to 6 years pay no admission. Tickets at the Box Office: 12€


DARK MATTER Köpenicker Chaussee 46 10317 Berlin - Lichtenberg

Location | Museum

DARK MATTER Berlin Köpenicker Chaussee 46 10317 Berlin

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