»SPÜRT IHR MEINE FREUDE / HÖRT IHR DAS GEWITTER?«. Queere Stadtgeschichten aus Leipzig

In the organizer's words:

Elke, who meets her first great love "Nanni" in 1975. Ale, who leaves Sardinia in the 80s and ends up in Messestadt at some point. Peter, who initially only finds toilets in the GDR while looking for other gay men. Rasheed, who had to flee Syria in 2015 and has been dancing on Leipzig's stages for several years. Or Stef, who came out as a lesbian in her mother's car in 2003.

The studio exhibition brings queer city history from the GDR, the post-reunification period and the last 30 years to life. It also tells the stories of people who have found their way to Leipzig from Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Syria and the old federal states.

It is about fundamental differences and redeeming similarities, about deep loneliness and the experience of community. About structural injustices and encouraging struggles. "SPÜRT IHR MEINE FREUDE / HÖRT IHR DAS GEWITTER" invites you to encounter Leipzig life stories with diaries, photo series and videos, audio stories and queer anthems.

A studio exhibition by Queer Voices Leipzig in cooperation with the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig.

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