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In the organizer's words:

Is the best way to combat right-wing extremism by not talking about it?

The new debate format from the ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS, Heimathafen Neukölln and Holtzbrinck Berlin. In the second event of the series, we will discuss the thesis: "The best way to fight right-wing extremism is not to talk about it."

This thesis will be put forward by the author, psychologist and participation educator Marina Weisband. Her new book "The New School of Democracy" deals with the foundations of democracy and is a plea for self-efficacy and personal responsibility. The native Ukrainian knows from her own experience that democracy has to be fought for and lived. Her counterpart is Marcel Hopp, member of the Berlin House of Representatives for the SPD. He is currently drawing attention to himself with an Instagram campaign in which he refutes an AfD statement with facts every day in the 100 days leading up to the European elections. We are delighted that Marcel Hopp and Marina Weisband will be sharing their experiences and arguments for dealing with right-wing extremism with you at the debate.

We are looking forward to the expert panel in the second half:

Gilda Sahebi, journalist and author. Latest book: "Wie wir uns Rassismus beibringen. An analysis of German debates", published in March 2024, S. Fischer Verlag.

*Friedemann Karig, journalist and author, unfortunately had to cancel his participation. We are pleased that we were able to win over sociologist Nils Kumkar at short notice. Nils Kumkar's book "Alternative Fakten - Zur Praxis der kommunikativen Erkenntnisverweigerung" will be published in 2022 in the fall program of Edition Suhrkamp.

Streit & Zuversicht invites you to be part of an exciting debate. Two opposing opinions meet. The panelists will be supported by experts from academia and practice who will shed light on the arguments. Interactive elements will give you the chance to help shape the evening. Get ready for an evening full of exciting discussions and new perspectives! Whether you already have a clear stance on the topic or are still in the decision-making phase, this evening will help you to understand and challenge your opinion. We don't just make room for doubt, we celebrate it, because it often leads to clearer thinking.

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Heimathafen Neukölln Karl-Marx-Straße 141 12043 Berlin

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