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Princess Turandot doesn't want to belong to anyone. For that, she is willing to give everything. So far, the strategy has worked to keep annoying suitors at bay: Anyone who wants to marry her must solve three riddles. Those who fail to do so pay with their lives. Hundreds try their luck and fall victim to Turandot's cruel tyranny. But then a man appears who can solve the riddles ... Giacomo Puccini's last opera "Turandot" remained unfinished. Until his death, the composer could not find a twist for the final love scene that convinced him. Only after his friend, the Italian composer Franco Alfano, finished composing the finale, which can be heard around the world today, based on Puccini's sketches, was the opera premiered in April 1926 at La Scala in Milan and became a groundbreaking success. In "Turandot," Puccini uses a hitherto unknown color spectrum of Far Eastern melodies in the orchestra and traces the sounds of the ancient Chinese empire. Director Philipp Stölzl, who in addition to musical and spoken theater primarily directs feature films, commercials and music videos, confronts this with a surreal visual language marked by black romanticism. This content has been machine translated.

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16.00 - 250.00€


Staatsoper Unter den Linden Unter den Linden 7 10117 Berlin