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Über Menschen

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About People (UA) based on the novel by Juli Zeh, written and directed by Christian Stückl.

Spring 2020: Dora flees Berlin - from the lockdown, from her overprotective boyfriend who seems to have found his calling in his obsession with the pandemic, from the stress of the big city and the self-doubt that comes with it. In Bracken, Brandenburg, the world seems simpler at first glance, if a bit duller: Handshakes are suddenly normal again here, there are AfD stickers on the doors and the neighbor Gote introduces himself as a "village Nazi." But the cosmos that Dora enters with her escape to the countryside is much more complex than expected. Stereotypes suddenly become people, preconceived convictions suddenly become space for encounter.

With her acclaimed bestseller, Juli Zeh has written one of the first novels about society in times of lockdown, adding a perspective to the debate that acknowledges the complexity of society. In revealing dialogues and poetic associations, she paints a picture of our world marked by a deep desire for a security that seems ever more distant. Christian Stückl now brings the novel to the stage for the first time.

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Münchner Volkstheater Tumblingerstraße 29 80337 München

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