In the organizer's words:

A turning point - as far as I'm concerned. But where and in what direction? Quo vadis Putin? Quo vadis heat pump? Quo vadis world? We always thought that only the market economy could save us. Today we know that we are not sailing in a lifeboat, but on the Titanic. And ahead of us is the iceberg ... But if we're lucky, climate change will be faster than us.

"A provocative and fast-paced pleasure." (Tagesspiegel)

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Written by: Robert Schmiedel & Frank Voigtmann
Director: Frank Voigtmann
On stage: Stefan Martin Müller, Nancy Spiller & Frank Voigtmann
On the instruments: Matthias 'Felix' Lauschus & Fred Symann

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Kabarett-Theater DISTEL Friedrichstr. 101 10117 Berlin

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