PHOTO: © Schaubühne / Franziska Lantermann


In the organizer's words:
She, a successful journalist, and her husband John spend their first evening together in their new house. Over champagne, she tells them that she wants to have a child. John is surprised, but he too can imagine a life as a family man. With this harmless, normal scene in the life of a young couple, a nightmare begins. Over the next five years, she tries to get pregnant: always without success. She demands that John arrange his business trips so that he is home when she has her fertile days and writes intimate accounts of her conception problems on her lifestyle blog. Her desire to have children strains both her relationship with her sister, who has no problems getting pregnant but suffers from postnatal depression, and her relationship with her mother, who never really wanted children herself and can't begin to understand her problem. With each passing year, she becomes more obsessed with her desire to have children, which eventually fully dominates her thinking - an obsession that turns her once happy life into a tragedy. Simon Stone relocates Lorca's play from rural Spain to a contemporary Western metropolis. While Lorca's Yerma is the wife of a farmer and lives in a society where a woman's main job is to give birth to offspring, Stone's Yerma is a successful journalist who has never defined herself by the biological functions of her body. Simon Stone, who was a guest at FIND 2018 with his production "Ibsen Huis," is now working with the Schaubühne ensemble for the first time. "Yerma " is a restaging of his acclaimed production at the Young Vic London. This content has been machine translated.


Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Kurfürstendamm 153 10709 Berlin

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