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In the organizer's words:

The PEAC Museum turns 20! The anniversary exhibition Between White Walls... tells the story of a collection: it traces the lines of development from the passion of one individual to a museum as an open and lively place for everyone.

The anniversary presentation shows around 70 works from the collection. Among them are new acquisitions that are being presented for the first time. On display are works that were groundbreaking for the PEAC Museum and continue to shape its identity to this day.

In the exhibition, sometimes associative, sometimes thematic or art-historical references are made between the works, so that not only the collection itself but also the exhibition practice takes center stage. What changes when works of art are presented together? What stories are constructed, what connections or contradictions emerge, and how does the space between the white walls function?

While the collection forms the constant content of the exhibition, the narrative is by no means static. The exhibition is divided into two acts: in the first act, visitors were invited in the PEAC Spotlight format to decide for themselves which works from the Paul Ege Art Collection should be shown next.

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PEAC Museum Freiburg im Breisgau

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