Anita Berber

Anita Berber

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She was a Berlin icon of the twenties of the last century; Anita Berber. As a cabaret performer, muse, provocateur, nude dancer, theater actress, political activist and, above all, eccentric bon vivant, she embodied those years when Berlin matured into a metropolis that magically attracted artists, musicians and other bon vivants worldwide. Not unlike Berlin today. Since 2013, the Anita Berber has been transporting the spirit that the former Anita still exudes into the here and now. In an ambience that is modern but also sophisticated, the balancing act between bar/club and an authentic venue for cabarets, burlesque shows, abstract readings, DJ Richie Hawtins' sake tasting - all the way to the legendary top-secret concert by Pete Doherty - is effortlessly achieved here. Since its opening, revellers have been attracted by the special ambience and a wide range of quality drinks cocktails and good electronic music. In the meantime, the Anita Berber has become a permanent fixture in Berlin's fickle nightlife.

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Anita Berber Pankstrasse 17 (Pankeweg, Alte Fabrik, Follow the Pankeweg. It is right behind the railway tunnel) 13357 Berlin Navigation
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