Atelierhaus auf Bötzow

Atelierhaus auf Bötzow

In the location's words:

The area around the listed buildings of the Bötzow Brewery had been dormant for at least 20 years, albeit rudely disturbed a few times, when it was acquired by Prof. Hans Georg Näder in 2010. What had been missing over all those years was a suitable idea that would encompass the entire property. Now it's time to get up: Prof. Hans Georg Näder, owner of the medical technology company Ottobock, is developing the project on the basis of a master plan with great respect for the monument and enthusiasm for sustainable use. Thus, in addition to lofts, he envisions stores, offices, leisure and cultural facilities, as well as Bötzow Village as an intimate retreat. Ottobock itself plans to locate its wheelchair manufacture as well as its creative factory on the site. It is not yet clear when all these plans will be implemented - only one thing: It will be on time!

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