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In the location's words:

As if he had not already had enough around the feathered ears during the last months, the crane has quite incidentally extended his winter domicile by four walls and thus once again proved to be an excellent master builder. Virtually unnoticed by the hustle and bustle of the summer, beam after beam was carried up, laid and screwed down in the usual tireless manner of his eager little helpers, until the last screw was tightened in October. Proud and not at all ashamed to shed a tear or two of joy, the architect in charge was more certain than ever when inspecting his first second roof: "Here I am a crane, here I can be. While he has always been somewhat skeptical about the migratory behavior of his fellow cranes, his urban nest is now proving to be a fortress that defies all wind and weather. Winter can come!

So it's official, our elevated parking deck "Hinter den Alpen" has been under roof since October and shines in alpine hut splendor. Equipped with a brand new sound system as well as a generously sized bar, the new indoor area offers space for parties, film screenings or social evenings in a warm ambience, while the cozy hut on the main deck remains the central contact point for breakfast, concert & cocktails.

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