Landesmuseum Hannover \u002D Das WeltenMuseum
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Landesmuseum Hannover - Das WeltenMuseum

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In the location's words:

The Landesmuseum Hannover originated as the "Hannoversches Museum für Kunst und Wissenschaft" (Hanover Museum of Art and Science) from civic roots: the "Naturhistorische Gesellschaft Hannover", the "Historische Verein für Niedersachsen" and the "Verein für die Öffentliche Kunstsammlung" decided to merge their collections in 1852. In 1856, the new museum was able to present itself in Sophienstraße 2, today's Künstlerhaus, until it received its new location at Maschpark as the Provinzialmuseum in 1902.

From the outset, the new building was a multi-discipline building, enabling it to be divided into three departments: Firstly, the historical section with collections of archaeology, from the history of Hanover, a coin collection and ethnological exhibits, plus the natural history section and finally the art section. With its name, the "Museum of Art and Science" was already far ahead of the older royal chambers of art and curiosities at the time of its foundation, and today it seems almost forward-looking. Even for Wilhelm Leibniz, the great Enlightenment philosopher of the century, museums were "theaters of nature and art", spaces where art and science meet.

The new concept, which has been gradually implemented since 2013, is based on the history of the museum with its three departments and the architecture of the building as a reflection of the world. The first floor is now home to the "NatureWorlds", which combine the previously separate Vivarium and Natural History sections. On the second floor, in the "Human Worlds", visitors can experience the unique combination of the departments of archaeology and ethnology, the Old World and the New World. And finally, the "ArtWorlds" with paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the 20th century hover above it all.

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