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menschen welten - eroberer, erbauer, entdecker

In the organizer's words:

The history of mankind is fascinating from the very beginning: finds from all over the world demonstrate the skill and mobility of their creators. The exhibition also looks at how climate, wars and beliefs influenced cultural development. The skills that characterized our ancestors can be experienced on an expedition from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages.

The exhibition spans an arc from the beginnings of mankind to the non-European cultures of modern times. The focus is on the archaeology and ethnology collections, supplemented by natural history exhibits in the area of evolution and those from the State Gallery in the area of the transition from the Old to the New World. On their tour through the "Human Worlds", visitors first travel through the history of human development and are introduced to their "ancestors": from pre-humans, who could already walk upright, to the craftsmen who made the first stone tools, to early man, who hardly differed anatomically from modern man, learned to master fire and left Africa as the cradle of humanity. Valuable historical dioramas show our ancestors in their respective habitats.

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Landesmuseum Hannover - Das WeltenMuseum Willy-Brandt-Allee 5 30169 Hannover

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