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Pure Note

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The Pure Note in Bilk. Unpackaged store, vegan bistro & cafe, cultural venue. Here you can not only shop unpacked, but also eat healthy and delicious vegan food. In combination with our store we are also a pure vegan bistro & cafe in Düsseldorf. We follow a particularly sustainable concept: almost all ingredients come directly from our store. Thus we prevent food waste. For our dishes, we are inspired, among other things, daily by the vegetables that have to go. From this we conjure up our daily varied fresh daily dishes. What is left over at the end of the day is cooked without additives and preservatives. As a healthy meal in the Pfandgals to take away. Twice a week, the small amounts that are left over are put on the table via foodsharing.

On Thursdays and Fridays, we regularly host cultural events in the evenings. Whether it's the now legendary Jazz Jam Session, literature, the "Cinema a la Carte" series with our friends from the movie art cinemas, or live music every Friday night. There is something for all tastes. We are also a place for networking! On the last Thursday of the month, we host initiative roundtables. If you are interested in initiatives like "Solidarity Agriculture" or would like to get involved in animal protection, then come by and find out more at the open regulars' tables.

Events are certainly always a nice welcome change, but a quiet evening in a relaxed atmosphere with partner*in or friends can be at least as nice. Whether during the week or on Saturdays until 22:00 in the evening, enjoy our unique atmosphere inside or in our beautiful garden in the backyard, an insider tip in Düsseldorf!

Just convince yourself and visit us in the heart of Bilk - Düsseldorf on Brunnenstraße. Whether for a relaxed breakfast to start the day, a well-deserved lunch break or to end the day, with us everything is possible. Our small selection of vegan and partially gluten-free dishes with zero waste concept will surely convince you. Come by, we look forward to seeing you.

By the way, you can also rent us (or parts of us) for parties or order pure vegan zero waste caterings from us!

English version:

Pure Note in Düsseldorf-Bilk. Zero waste store, vegan bistro & cafe, as well as cultural venue. Not limited to zero waste grocery shopping, we are also a purely vegan bistro and cafe where you can have delicious and healthy food. We aim for full sustainability. Almost the complete sourcing for our restaurant is coming from the zero waste store. Daily we also get inspired by the fruits and vegetables that have to be used before expiring, to avoid any waste of natural resources. We cook fresh daily, When not selling all food throughout the day in the restaurant, we concetrate the left overs in jars, to take away as healthy meal. Little remaning quantities of products are handed over to Foodsharing twice a week, not to waste any food! Yeah, it's possible! Come and have a look yourself.

Thursday and Friday night we host various cultural events. Regardless if we talk about the legendary Jazz Jam Session on the second Thursday of the month, literature, the combined event "Cinema a la carte" with our friends from the arthouse movies, or live music every Friday night. There is something for everybody!

We are also a venue to connect with each other. You are interested in sustainable organizations and initiatives. Come and join us every last Thursday of the moth when different initiatives host there open round tables.

In case you are up for a relaxing and quiet environment, join us any other moment of the week. During the week or Saturdays when not hosting cultural events, you can have some relaxed and nice atmosphere, either inside, or in our fabulous backyard garden, still a secret spot in Dusseldorf.

Come in and find out yourself. We are located at the heart of Bilk onthe fantastic Brunnenstraße. No matter if you want to have vegan breakfast, lunch or you prefer to meet with friends for dinner in a warm and realxed atmosphere. Everything is possible. We are convinced that our vegan food offering combined with the sustainable zero waste comcept will convince you that we are unique and special place.

By the way, you can also rent our premises for celebrations or have a fully vegan zero waste catering for your celebrations at home or in the office!

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