Schoppe Bräu Schankhalle Braugasthaus auf dem Pfefferberg
PHOTO: © Schoppe Bräu

Schoppe Bräu Schankhalle Braugasthaus auf dem Pfefferberg

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When we were allowed to design the first "About Us" on our previous website, and we were still one among the very few of today's already quite many breweries, the points of view that make us were quite simple and immediate. Because we were so different from the huge industrial companies. They printed the same product name on their bottles, but otherwise produced such a completely different end product than we did. In the meantime, exactly 20 years have passed and one could think that there is now a craft brewery on every corner, or something like that.

This new landscape of breweries, not only around the church square but spread all over the world, makes us rather proud that we decided to found Schoppe Bräu back then. Yes, back then, it was actually only Thorsten Schoppe who had the idea, the courage and of course the skill to get this off the ground. And some people still talk to us today about how they drank their first IPA from Schoppe at Brauhaus Südstern back then. Those were the days...

Schoppe Bräu was only available on tap, in a special gastronomy, which at that time already wanted to get away from the mainstream and then gradually found its new clientele. And some of them had to be convinced that they still had to get used to the somewhat different taste with the predominant bitterness. But this went quite quickly and so came together with the one or the other bar a few interesting stores in Berlin.

In the meantime, the interest had grown to buy the one or other beer also gladly times in the bottle. In addition, there were also the first specialty retailers who had recognized the need and made some space on their shelves between the Bavarian Weizen and Franconian Hellen.

Schoppe continued to grow and the next move was due, to the beautiful Pfefferberg, in Prenzlberg. And in addition to the gastronomy on the Berg, quite a few restaurants and bars are now supplied with Schoppe Bräu beers. In addition, the first connections to the retail trade were established. This wanted to be served regularly as well as well and the first fully automatic bottle filler with capper and labeler could be installed. All this happened in very modest spatial conditions.
Now, all we have to do is put the bottles on the conveyor and pack the finished, capped and labeled bottles back into the crate.

This has given us an enormous boost in terms of quality and shelf life for bottled beers, so much so that it was possible to introduce ourselves to the well-known retail trade. With the start of organic production and with the certification of the brewing equipment, we also started brewing organic beer a good four years ago and this should also prove to be a good decision, as this now already accounts for half of our production.

What has not changed, however, is the standard of the product, the quality of raw materials, production and processing, as well as their freshness and taste. What has changed: There are now not only brewers at work, but a whole small company, but still all with heart and soul.

Taproom: Manteuffelstr. 53 10999 Berlin

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