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For over 40 years, SO36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg has been a magical place for blatant music, radical left-wing politics, wild excesses and violent flashes. A place for punks, hippies, burners, hedonists, homos, heteros and other luminaries.
It is not for nothing that the Halle am Heinrichplatz bears the abbreviation of the old postal delivery district of Kreuzberg, because in this space steeped in tradition, a lively present meets an exciting past.
Today, the hall offers space for newcomers, hard sounds beyond the chart mainstream and events from a wide variety of projects. Where punk used to dominate, you can now also find hip-hop, crossover, techno and much more. A creative, partly gay and lesbian cultural scene celebrates and works here.

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SO36 Oranienstr. 190 10999 Berlin Navigation

Es gibt keine festen Öffnungszeiten, jeder Tag ist anders.
Regelmäßige Veranstaltungen:
2. Montag: Die Lesedüne
2. Dienstag: Kiezbingo
3. Montag: Roller Kidz & Rollerdisko
3. Samstag: Dancing with Tears in your Eyes - die 80er Party
4. Samstag: Gayhane - Queeroriental Dancefloor
Alle 2 - 3 Monate:
Children of the Revolution - die Ü40 Party
Kreuzberg Calling - alltime favs
Last Night - die Indie Party
Tropical Kreuzberg - Kumbia und Latino Sounds

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