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Weinhaus Hilgering

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Wine trade in the fourth generation

We take a trip back in time with Matthias Hilgering. 126 years back! Back to 1891, when Matthias' great-grandfather founded the Hilgering winery in Dortmund. At that time, there was a small fine selection of various wines and homemade liqueurs on Rheinische Straße. Twice the building was completely destroyed in the wars. But always rebuilt. Until the family then rebuilt in 1959. On Westenhellweg. A good decision. And because the stock was getting bigger and bigger, a smart one, too. Because under the store there is a huge wine cellar. Fully air-conditioned, so that all the delicacies can be stored there without any problems. Time travel finished. We find ourselves in the here and now and are incredibly happy to sit together with the two nice Matthiassen and chat about wine. Matthias Hilgering, the fourth generation, and his colleague Matthias Missing. The two are completely in their element and tell us about the wines from Europe. Europe is the hobbyhorse here. "Because Europe has everything to offer that a wine needs," we hear! And they tell us about the many trips to the wine countries, anecdotes and about the many different winemakers. You can tell: these two live wine and bleed for it. That's great! Because good and so authentic advice is crucial in the search for the best wine. For itself, its event, its menu. And that's what the two of them can do. They can unerringly pick out the right wine. By the way, with the fourth generation, malt whiskey has also moved into the Hilgering wine house. Over 900 different and also here: Advice 1+ with asterisk! Hilgering moves with the times and we look to the future: The online store is being built and many products are already available! But we advise: For the initial consultation always in the store. It's just fun to listen and marvel at the different bottles!

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