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GANZ WIEN in der fatcat

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GANZ WIEN at fatcat invites some of our favorite artists from this wonderful city to Munich.

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Ticket for Nino from Vienna - 22.11.24:

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22.11 - 20:00 in the Black Box

Nino from Vienna

There's a Nino from Vienna quote for every situation in life. A verse for every feeling, the right images and vibes for every story. Sometimes as an encouragement like "waun irgendwos nix wird, kauns aundas wohin fian", sometimes as wisdom "Es gibt Menschen, es gibt Freunde aber meistens sind es Leute". All these gems seem to spring ceaselessly from Nino's head.

The mood of the past two years can now be found in a new work: Eis Zeit is the name of the 12th studio album. Recorded with the full line-up of Nino Mandl, Raphael Sas, pauT and David Wukitsevits. The recordings are so live and close that it's as if the band themselves were the inhabitants of the record, playing their songs again and again at the touch of a button.

23.11 - 19:00 in the Carl Orff Saal

Molden, Seiler and the women's orchestra

Two have found each other. The "zwidan Zwa" is the name of the line-up. The songwriter has teamed up with one of the most distinctive voices in the country, and together they have recorded an album in just a few days. Despite the title, it is said to be quite entertaining, with some treats from the field of reinterpretation of great songwriting to be expected.

Seiler says: "For me, Ernst is one of the most complete musicians of our time." And Molden is delighted - in addition to mourning the loss of Willi Resetarits - that "there is now someone who can put just as much soul into his voice."

Support: Anna Mabo

Anna Mabo. Born in Vienna in 1996, grew up there successfully. Her move to Ottakring and her father's lack of confidence in her driving skills gave rise to her first lo-fi songs, with lots of words and few chords.

Old dogs, broken-down cars, fathers and mothers, everyday ballast and everyday palaces, riding the subway - a cross-section of irrelevant essentials and relevant inanities, in other words, everything life has to offer.

23.11 - 21:00 in the Black Box

5/8erl in honor

5/8erl in Ehr'n have become a rare species: A band that wasn't put together and produced to create quickly usable musical fast food, but has been working for over 18 years with an open mind and without predefined aesthetics. The fact that this band still exists is a rejection of ego trips and a declaration of love for pluralism.

Max Gaier & Robert Slivovsky on lead vocals form a classic two-piece, Hanibal Scheutz provides the foundation on bass, Miki Liebermann grooves passionately on guitar and Clemens Wenger on electric piano is responsible for the warm sound of the combo.

The current program 18 Years of Viennese Soul is a best-of full of lightness, elegance, tenderness and self-irony. Hits such as Siasse Tschik, Vaporizer, Wunderschöner Mai, Jessica, Frühstück ans Bett, Alaba - How do you do?, or Badeschluss, among others, have made 5/8erl in Ehr'n known to an ever wider public. And once again, a regional radio station, a mainstream radio station, an outdoor pool and a jazz club may hear the same song at the same time and each have an idea of what might be meant.

The band has been touring regularly in Austria, southern Germany and Switzerland since 2006. 5/8erl in Ehr'n have played almost 1000 concerts (sic!), won 6 Austrian Amadeus Music Awards in the Jazz/World/Blues category and have released 6 studio albums to date. The style of 5/8erl in Ehr'n is often described as Viennese soul.

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22.11.2024 - 20:00
Black Box
Nino aus Wien
23.11.2024 - 19:00
Carl Orff Saal
Molden, Seiler und das Frauenorchester
Support: Anna Mabo
23.11.2024 - 21:00
Black Box
5/8erl in Ehren

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