New year - new events

RAUSGEGANGEN is also your companion for concerts, exhibitions, parties, theater and opera performances in the new year. We have put together the highlights for you in January so that you can get the new year off to a flying start.

You think your last year was crazy, then wait and see what 2024 has in store.

Erobique - Neujahrsgala - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Erobique - Neujahrsgala - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Anne Backhaus
Mo, 01.01.2024 21:00
40,78 €

He is the self-proclaimed last disco punk of Germany for the time being and will really make you dance on the first day of the new year. Be there when he grinds the best of the last 50 years live to finest disco diamonds. We proudly present.

Spree vom Weizen - Poetry Slam & Stand Up Show

Spree vom Weizen - Poetry Slam & Stand Up Show
© Edellauchs
Do, 04.01.2024 20:00
16,00 €

This combination is worth seeing: Poetry, Stand Up & Techno. Sounds just like your taste? Then you should mark this evening red in your calendar. As always, the club at Moritzplatz will be the place to be, making Kreuzberg the most entertaining neighborhood in Berlin.

Off-Season No. 2 - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Off-Season No. 2 - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
Do, 11.01.2024 20:00
12,00 to 15,00 €

Ready for the unconventional? 'Off-Season' brings a breath of fresh air to Berlin's nightlife with cool hip-hop and RnB vibes. Where up-and-coming talents take center stage, you can experience how great music without big names celebrates the future and we're lotterying tickets for this nice event.

VAN HOLZEN - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

VAN HOLZEN - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Rebecca Krämer
Mi, 17.01.2024 19:00
24,70 €

The guys from Ulm make alternative rock in German, mixing personal stories with abstract vibes. With their new single "Virtuell" together with MIA MORGAN, they deliver a casual, melancholic track with darkwave and newwave influences. We like.

The Dark Rooms Vertical - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

The Dark Rooms Vertical - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© thedarkroomsexhibition
Do, 18.01.2024 14:00
32,00 €

From the makers of Himmel Unter Berlin: A unique exhibition in a historic Berlin automobile factory from 1917. International artists present captivating light and sound installations over 12 floors. Limited time, limited tickets. Only for this moment, only in Berlin.

Brass Riot Clubshow - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Brass Riot Clubshow - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Leona Hosiek
Fr, 19.01.2024 20:00
12,00 to 21,58 €

2 saxophones and a drum kit? That sounds like a good sound and, above all, danceable! Brass Riot have already created a good atmosphere at numerous demos and festivals. So don't miss this headbanging jazz trio and dance for all you're worth.

Chris James - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Do, 25.01.2024 19:00
24,90 €

Chris James, the German-American superstar, goes on tour with his unique sound to make the stage shake. From Los Angeles to Berlin to viral hits, this guy rocks the charts and our hearts.

BLUSH ALWAYS - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Sa, 27.01.2024 19:30
21,00 €

Feel the energy of Blush Always' indie rock guitars and enjoy the playful ease when she performs her songs live. 'You Deserve Romance' is not only heard, but also experienced - be ready for a night full of great melodies and cool vibes! Lotteries are being held for tickets to this brilliant musical experience.


Mi, 31.01.2024 19:00
45,00 to 48,00 €

Masego, the sound virtuoso of "Traphousejazz", stops in Berlin - a unique fusion of grooves awaits you! With his Grammy-nominated talent, live improvisations and stand-up comedy flair, every show is a masterpiece. Lottery tickets for this unforgettable concert.

With a promising line-up of great events and exciting highlights, the coming year promises an unforgettable journey through undiscovered experiences and unforgettable moments - cheers to the future, full of anticipation for the best events that lie ahead!

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