As the temperatures cool down and fall slowly turns into winter, Germany's capital is coming back to life. We love Berlin in the sun & outdoors, but we also love Berlin in bars, clubs, venues, theaters and cinemas - as long as you're only looking out from inside, it can even be cozy.

In November, Berlin remains the epicenter of exciting events, from small & large concerts in the most exciting venues to cozy Christmas markets. But the best part? We open the doors to the hottest events and put you on the best guest lists in the city.

GUS DAPPERTON | HENGE TOUR - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Do, 02.11.2023 20:00
24,95 €

Where should we start, where should we stop? That's what we think when we start to rave about this artist. His sound, his voice, his lyrics, his performance & his outfits? - Everything on point! We are very happy to present him!

Pandora’s Heart - A queer Lip-Sync Musical

Pandora’s Heart - A queer Lip-Sync Musical
© Madzia Suchocka @_suchocka
Do, 02.11.2023 19:00
Price at B.O.

Queer-themed lip-sync musica on Broadway in Berlin: a love story between Sandy, a lovely girl, and Pandora, a seductive creature from the "underworld". Hot seduction, deceit and betrayal. Explore the concepts of good and evil. Your ticket gets you to the show & the party afterwards.

Rausgegangen lädt ein: Sleepless und exklusive Nachtführung durch die Staatsoper Berlin

Rausgegangen lädt ein: Sleepless und exklusive Nachtführung durch die Staatsoper Berlin
© Gianmarco Bresadola
Fr, 03.11.2023 19:00
Free admission

Rausgegangen invites you to one of the most magnificent houses in the whole city - go to the opera, made easy - contemporary music theater with new compositions. We give away a few exclusive tickets and take you by the hand. Afterwards there will be a night tour through the many corridors of the house and if you're lucky you'll be allowed to look into the maw of the fish. Join the raffle, we are looking forward to you!

Mykki Blanco • MorMor • MAVI - Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin

Mykki Blanco • MorMor • MAVI - Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin
© MCT / Mykki Blanco
Sa, 04.11.2023 20:00
34,00 €

Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin is back. The first artist:inside wave includes Armand Hammer, Dudu Tassa & Jonny Greenwood, Mykki Blanco and Youth Lagoon. The festival celebrates Berlin as a hotspot for underground culture with a diverse musical selection at iconic venues.


So, 05.11.2023 10:00
Free admission

Every first Sunday of the month, Berlin's museums open their doors and gates. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the city's diverse and cultural offerings with enthusiasm. Grab your friends and go exploring. Everyone is welcome.

Fall Out Boy

Mi, 08.11.2023 20:00
53,00 €

After their successful US tour, they are finally coming to Europe. 15 shows, new album. Especially noticeable is their experimental electro sound, which was not present in their previous albums in this form. For new and old fans.

Berliner Glühwald

Berliner Glühwald
© Mercedes Platz
Do, 09.11.2023 16:00
Free admission

Grab your hat and head into the glow forest. Get yourself a cup of mulled wine, punch or hot chocolate from the "Waldtränke" and enjoy the delicious forest specials, from bratwurst to lard cake. Enjoy the atmosphere and let the winter magic work its magic on you!

Ebow • FC Chaya Tour 2023

Ebow  •  FC Chaya Tour 2023
© Nikolas Petros Androbik
Fr, 10.11.2023 19:00
28,50 €

Ebow, the talented rapper, released her fourth album "Canê" in 2022, which shows her versatility and political messages. With powerful beats and impressive lyrics, she takes her audience on a 10-year journey through her musical career.

Amewu - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Fr, 10.11.2023 20:00
25,00 €

Without label or social media hype, he reached #8 in the charts with "Haben oder Sein". After his "Skalp" tour, he will go on "Algorithm" tour in November 2023. An artist who goes his own way. Are you going with him?

Paper by MELT

Paper by MELT
© Paper by MELT / Artwork: Manuel Fischer/Ozelot
So, 12.11.2023 16:00
20,00 €
Watergate Club Berlin

PAPER, the party series of the MELT Festival, is back. After a little break and a great show in summer 2023 they are ready to rock the Watergate. With Eliza Rose, TSHA, DJ Swagger, Aroma Pitch and a secret act, the line-up promises to be a real highlight. Ready for the party?


Mo, 13.11.2023 19:00
Price at B.O.

So fresh, so true: We invite you to the EXTRA FRESH TOUR 01099 for a gig at the Metropol. You can be there: Tickets are for free & you can win them here with us. Good Luck!

INTERFILM 39 - Opening Party

INTERFILM 39 - Opening Party
© Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
Di, 14.11.2023 23:00
Price at B.O.

It's that time again: The opening gives a taste of some festival films, introduces the juries and festival organizers - moderated by Brenda Akele Jorde. Let's get this started!


© WHITEvoid
Do, 16.11.2023 17:00
10,00 to 12,00 €

Last chance: impressive light and sound installation by artist Christopher Bauder. In an inverted winter wonderland, more than 80,000 lights shine in glittering fir trees, accompanied by atmospheric music. An audiovisual masterpiece.

Futurebae - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Fr, 17.11.2023 18:00
24,50 €

WE ARE HYPED! Futurebae is going on her first own tour in November - the Berlin rapper combines electronic 80s influences, spherical trap sounds & R&B to an aesthetic soundscape. We are big fans of her unmistakable diversity, her immense power & her powerful voice! Rausgegangen proudly presents!

Joy Denalane

Fr, 17.11.2023 19:00
56,00 to 58,00 €

Joy Denalane, Germany's biggest soul singer and R&B artist, is back and going on tour on the occasion of her new album "Willpower". She has left her mark on the German music scene and returns with Happysad-Soul to give you an unforgettable evening. 🎶💃🕺

#5 Geheimkonzert Berlin

#5 Geheimkonzert Berlin
© Lisa Weinhardt
Fr, 17.11.2023 19:00
Price at B.O.
Geheimer Ort

2 acts, 1 location - all secret! Do you fancy a concert with electronic beats combined with indie and German pop that will make you feel like you're on the dance floor of your favorite club? Then the last secret concert of the year is just right for you. It's going to be magical! 🔥


Sa, 18.11.2023 12:00
60,00 to 135,00 €

The Ente invites you to enjoy infusions, workshops, music, massages and delicious food. Sweat 24 hours a day in what is probably the most exciting sauna landscape in Berlin. Duck crispy or duck crispy? You choose. It will be very special.

Oliver Tree - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

So, 19.11.2023 19:00
49,00 €

This gentleman is famous for his ingenious fusion of pop, alternative and rap - he mixes the genres as if it were a smoothie. His Dadaist meta-humor and sharp criticism of modern culture make him an absolute crowd favorite. He is accompanied by none other than Tommy Cash. Can only be a fantastic evening.

Alli Neumann - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Alli Neumann - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Stephie Braun
Di, 21.11.2023 18:00
36,95 €

Let Alli inspire you ✨ Because in her energetic songs she deals with topics like sexism, identity & self-determination and thus promises not only great music but also profound messages. We think: One of the best artists of our time!

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Mi, 22.11.2023 22:00
23,00 €

The duo from Ghent break the rules of the dancefloor with their debut album - they address topics such as racism, exclusion, vanity and misogyny very specifically. The album is full of ideas and deals with important social issues. No pigeonholes & brutally honest.


© Bohdana Korohod
Sa, 25.11.2023 19:00
11,00 €
Maschinenhaus in der Kulturbrauerei

Alternate Intonation. What is that, you ask? Primarily it's about emphasis, volume, speech tempo, accent and pitch & what these things can trigger. Find out, we're giving away tickets.

Isaac Anderson - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Isaac Anderson - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© DreamHaus
Di, 28.11.2023 19:00
36,90 €

From his bedroom straight into the big halls all over Europe. Indie pop at its finest, we love it - just like the 300,000 people on his social media accounts.

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