Animal, Mineral, Vegetable – Natur und Nichtmenschliches im Film - Animal Cinema / Monkey Shines

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Introduction: Emilio Varavella (in English)

ANIMAL CINEMA (Emilio Varavella, Italy 2017) is a fascinating compendium of YouTube videos showing how animals steal cameras and operate them on instinct alone: a film co-directed by squirrels, monkeys, lions and birds, with editing that smoothly blends the different zoological perspectives to create a fluid non-human view of the world.

MONKEY SHINES (George A. Romero, USA 1988)
Young law student Allan has been hit by a truck. Since then, he has been paraplegic and needs constant care. His friend, the scientist Geoffrey, finds a perfect, if somewhat unorthodox, solution: a capuchin monkey called Ella, who has been specially trained to respond to all his needs. Allan and Ella soon form such an intense bond that Allan begins to see the world through Ella's eyes. What Allan doesn't know, however, is that Geoffrey is conducting an experiment with Ella and injecting her with a serum designed to increase her intelligence. Undesirable side effects occur: Ella reacts with increasing aggression ... George A. Romero's entertaining horror film sheds light on the dangers inherent in uncontrolled science in general and animal experiments in particular. To do so, he adopts a murderously unbalanced non-human perspective and thus provides the best kind of thrills typical of the genre.

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