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In the organizer's words:

The multimedia exhibition presents "cultural rescuers" from four generations - courageous people who were persecuted under National Socialism, offered resistance and saved culture for today.

The exhibition defines culture as all areas of life: in addition to works of art and buildings, it also includes traditions, religions, language, science, politics, rules and laws. Culture creates common ground. It is like a network that connects us with other people. We continue to weave this cultural network ourselves.

Under National Socialism, this cultural network was severely damaged. Culture was destroyed and stolen, people were repressed and murdered. In the activating exhibition, people who were persecuted under National Socialism and their descendants talk about their experiences. Many of them still experience racism and discrimination. They are still fighting for justice and culture today.

"Cultural rescuers" who lived through the Nazi era hid pieces of jewelry, wrote flyers, poems and songs; today's "cultural rescuers" write short stories, comics and plays, research family trees and lay stumbling blocks. They empower, preserve and tell their stories.

The exhibition offers perspectives on the past, diagnoses of the present and glimpses into the future, which visitors can discover together with the "hosts" Oleg and Estera.

The exhibition is funded by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) and the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF). A project of the Bildungsagenda NS-Unrecht. Concept and production: Kooperative Berlin Kulturproduktion KBK e. V.

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Price information:

Admission: 4,50 € / reduced: 2 €


NS-Dokumentationszentrum Köln - EL-DE-Haus Appellhofplatz 23-25 50667 Köln

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