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Operette für zwei schwule Tenöre

In the organizer's words:

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Open exchange with operetta performers and audience on the international day against homo-, bi-, inter- and trans-sensitivity

Graphic designer Tobi and nurse Jan have built a life together in the countryside: Their own little house with a garden complete with fruit trees, homemade jam for breakfast and friendly greeting neighbors. The two met at the annual shooting festival and fell in love after Tobi turned his back on Berlin and the gay scene there to live his dream of an idyllic life in the country. But while Tobi idealizes the village, Jan, who has never left his home, can hardly stand it there...

With this production, the BKA celebrates the rebirth of the "Berlin operetta", a genre that strained role models in the 1920s, celebrated diversity and thus helped shape the image of Berlin in the world. One hundred years later, the "operetta for two gay tenors" continues this tradition as the world's first queer operetta. The piece by Florian Ludewig (music) and Johannes Kram (lyrics) tells a stirring, modern, uproariously funny but always touching story about gay life between love and sex, pride and self-doubt as well as country idyll and big city scene.

German Musical Theater Award 2022 for the best song lyrics. Johannes Kram was awarded the German Musical Theater Prize for the best lyrics for the songs in the "Operetta for Two Gay Tenors" by the German Musical Academy on 10 October 2022.

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