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Roads Not Taken. Oder: Es hätte auch anders kommen können

In the organizer's words:

Based on central key dates in German history, the Deutsches Historisches Museum presents a retrospective of decisive historical events of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the exhibition, events that actually took place are contrasted with possible courses of events that did not occur for a variety of reasons. The probabilities of history not happening - prevented by coincidences, averted by misfires or shortcomings of another kind - are shown on the basis of 14 striking turning points in German history.

The exhibition begins in 1989 with the Peaceful Revolution in the GDR and ends in 1848, when Germany first dared to embark on a democratic awakening. In reverse order, it takes up topics such as Ostpolitik, the building of the Berlin Wall, the Cold War, the Nazi takeover or revolution and democratization at decisive tipping points and explains that things did not have to turn out the way they did. In this way, milestones such as the Stalin Notes of 1952, the Korean War in 1950, the Berlin Airlift in 1948/49, the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler in 1944, the occupation of the Rhineland in 1936, the transfer of power to Hitler in 1933, the overthrow of Chancellor Brüning in 1932, the revolution in 1918, the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 and the German War in 1866 appear in a new light.

This perspective, which is unusual for a historical museum, is intended to sharpen the eye for known facts and for the fundamental openness of history.

Public guided tours: 3 euros, 60 minutes

German: Mon 16h, Tue 13h, Thu 16h, Sat 15h, Sun 13h + 15h

English: Mon 12h, Fri 16h

Guided tours with translation into German sign language, guided tours with object descriptions and guided tours in simple language take place every 4th Saturday at 13h on alternate days.


The exhibition media guide offers audio tours in German and English. On the 75-minute tour, you will receive information about the selected historical events and their alternative possibilities as well as about central exhibits in the exhibition.

For children aged 8 and over and families, we also offer a rally with puzzles about the exhibition on the media guide.

The Mediaguide can be purchased on site for €3 or used free of charge on your own device. Download the Mediaguide free of charge onto your own smartphone here. Out of consideration for our guests, we ask that you use headphones.

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Price information:

One-way ticket exhibition 7 € | reduced 3,50 € | up to 18 years free || House ticket (to visit all exhibitions) 10 € | reduced 5 € | up to 18 years free


Deutsches Historisches Museum Hinter dem Gießhaus 3 10117 Berlin

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