WEIRD OMEN + DEADLY PAST | Berlin Show @ Cassiopeia

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Popmonitor @ Cassiopeia
WEIRD OMEN feat. Fred Rollercoaster (King Khan & The Shrines)
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Sunday 09.06.2024
Admission: 7 pm
Start: 8 pm

Four LPs and six singles in, WEIRD OMEN still evade direct comparisons to... anyone !!! This atypical line up trio, spits his unique primitive garage, a deluge of trash brass, reverb and fuzzzzzz. A cryptic-hypnotic garage trance, blend of dented 60's tones and hollow psychedelic néo-garage.

Guitar / vocals : Sister Ray(Ray and the Dead Drums, Pablo X...)
Baritone sax : Fred Rollercoaster(King Khan and the Shrines, Bee Dee Kay and the Roller Coaster...)
Drums / vocals : Dam-o-maD (Thee Oops, Dion Lunadon...)

This unmistakably raw, haunting sound is the result of the well-rehearsed, finely tuned concentration of three Berlin musicians: time and again, the rock trio DEADLY PAST moves its listeners in this way and sometimes puts them in a holistic, all-encompassing maelstrom. Melodically carried by the blues, the band's strikingly tart voice and imposing sounds present their productive-anarchic power - but also reveal their own emotional depth and touch hidden strings.

As a garage rock band, Deadly Past's original aesthetic is reminiscent of days long gone and confronts the temporal in a highly individual way. At the same time, Deadly Past offer more and something completely different than a reissue of the well-known and much-heard: the Berlin-based trio creates its own vision of the timeless, which it has been tirelessly exploring since 2009.

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cassiopeia Club Revaler Straße 99 10245 Berlin

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