Metropol Berlin
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Metropol Berlin

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In the location's words:

David Bowie - Iggy Pop - Kraftwerk - Nina Hagen - The Cure - The Cramps - Depeche Mode. In the early 80s, the Metropol at Nollendorfplatz is a magical attraction for national and international artists who start their careers here or leap to the top of the music Olympus. The stylistic diversity is immense-whether avant-garde innovative, wildly furious, brutely brutal, or intensely atmospheric. This exciting place radiates far beyond the borders of the former Wall city and manifests Berlin's reputation as an eccentric epicenter beyond the established world cities. Many of the musicians who live here found their bands after concerts at the Metropol. They cannot escape the fascination and continue to write the story.

After a dramaturgical time-out and the growing longing for a place for concerts in the heart of the City, this tradition will be continued from September 2019 and the gates will open for the entire range of the modern pop music spectrum. R'n'B, soul, electro, singer-songwriter, indie rock or pop will find a new venue with exceptional flair here.

Time to open a new chapter for concerts in Berlin.

When you enter this historic and graceful building through the spacious entrance area, this dominant and imposing atmosphere changes instantly. The building and the rooms designed by the architect Hans Kollhoff immediately cast a spell over you in a very special way. Not only because of the unique architecture and its moving history, but also because of the harmonious feeling of space, which is created by curved staircases, flowing forms and soft lines.

The bustling, noisy and fast-paced capital city life on Nollendorfplatz fades away as soon as the doors of the building close. Fascinated by the harmonious silence and gentle warmth, one stands in the midst of the glamorous rooms hidden behind the listed facade of the former playhouse. The stylish foyer, the column-lined main hall with stage, surrounding galleries and festive chandeliers made of Venetian Murano glass, reflect the splendor of glorious days. The interplay of white tones and dark Makassar wood reinforce the extraordinary spatial feeling. Thus, the METROPOL is not only an exclusive address for companies and agencies, but also a spectacular venue for the public in the context of concerts, events and parties.

The fascination of the house is also reflected by an individual room concept. The 13m high hall, consisting of two gallery levels, allows varied perspectives, which are complemented by other exclusive side rooms. This results in a variety of possible uses for events such as gala dinners, after-show parties, receptions, presentations, fashion shows and events - but the METROPOL also offers an impressive and imposing backdrop for TV productions.

Let yourself be seduced by the stylish ambience, the harmonious feeling of space and the moving history of the METROPOL.

There are few clubs that have such an eventful and legendary history as the Metropol. In the 80s, as a worldwide pioneer of the Hi-NRG and House movement, the Metropol stood as a guarantor for debauched nights in West Berlin. Mentioned in the same breath as Studio 54, the Metropol offered all the party-loving hedonists a second home. Following the golden times of the 80s and 90s, the house finally opens its doors again week after week to put its stamp on Berlin's nightlife once more.

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