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For over 45 years, SO36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg has been a magical place for blatant music, radical left-wing politics, wild excesses and violent flashes. A place for punks, hippies, burners, hedonists, homos, heteros and other luminaries.

It is not for nothing that the Halle am Rio-Reiser-Platz bears the abbreviation of the old postal delivery district of Kreuzberg, because in this space steeped in tradition, a vibrant present meets an exciting past.

Today, the hall offers space for newcomers, hard sounds beyond the chart mainstream and events from a wide variety of projects. Where punk used to dominate, you can now also find hip-hop, crossover, techno and much more. A creative, partly gay and lesbian cultural scene celebrates and works here.

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Es gibt keine festen Öffnungszeiten, jeder Tag ist anders.
Regelmäßige Veranstaltungen:
2. Montag: Die Lesedüne
2. Dienstag: Kiezbingo
3. Montag: Roller Kidz & Rollerdisko
3. Samstag: Dancing with Tears in your Eyes - die 80er Party
4. Samstag: Gayhane - Queeroriental Dancefloor
Alle 2 - 3 Monate:
Children of the Revolution - die Ü40 Party
Kreuzberg Calling - alltime favs
Last Night - die Indie Party
Tropical Kreuzberg - Kumbia und Latino Sounds

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