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Friends! Acquisitions by Kunstfreunde for the museum's collection

02.03.-30.06.2024 at the H2 - Center for Contemporary Art in the Glaspalast

Art needs friends. This applies to artists and museums alike, and to the Augsburg art collections without their own acquisition budget in particular. As short and clear as the motto is, the support of the Freunde der Kunstsammlungen Augsburg e.V. is essential and valuable.

In addition to great acquisitions from the classical focal points of the Augsburg museums' collections, such as gold and silversmithing art, the German Baroque Gallery or the Graphic Art Collection, the Friends of the Augsburg Art Collections have also opened up to the field of contemporary art and made a lasting commitment to it. The exhibition 'Friends' pays tribute to this important commitment and shows a representative selection of acquisitions of contemporary art that have made a substantial contribution to Augsburg's contemporary art landscape, especially since the opening of the H2 - Center for Contemporary Art in the Glaspalast in 2006.

Many of the artworks that have been added to the collection are the result of exhibitions and projects that have taken place at H2 and the Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, and for some years now also at the Schaezlerpalais. At the same time, the collection's activities reflect a large part of the recent exhibition history of the Augsburg art collections: The acquisitions of the Kunstfeunde are thus both a document and a reflection of a lively, contemporary museum culture, which is based on a literally friendly, professional dialog between the museums and their patrons, without being reduced to the mere consideration of financial framework conditions.

Friends' is a tribute to all supporters and an invitation to all those who are not yet friends of art to become friends themselves.

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Benjamin Appel ǀ Olaf Otto Becker ǀ Mauro Bergonzoli ǀ Johanna Diehl ǀ Daniel and Geo Fuchs ǀ Hamish Fulton ǀ Kathrin Ganser Anja Güthoff ǀ Andy Heller ǀ Herbert Holzmann ǀ Christian Hörl ǀ Karen Irmer ǀ Magdalena Jetelová ǀ Max Kaminski ǀ Per Kirkeby ǀ Christofer Kochs ǀ Sebastian Lübeck ǀ Heike and Jiri Mayr ǀ Bernhard McQueen ǀ Andrea Motta ǀ Beate Passow ǀ Maximilian Prüfer ǀ Christof Rehm ǀ Natalija Ribovic ǀ Michael H. Rohde ǀ Elham Rokni ǀ Norbert Schessl ǀ Kerstin Skringer ǀ Horst Thürheimer et al.

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Price information:

Adults 7 euros Concessions 5.50 euros Children under 10 years free


Glaspalast Augsburg Beim Glaspalast 1 86153 Augsburg

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