Carolin Kebekus
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Carolin Kebekus

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In the artist's words:

Carolin Kebekus was born in 1980 almost in the center of Cologne, the clinic was actually just a few meters outside the city limits. After graduating from a high school in Cologne-Ostheim, she started as an intern at the production company of ,,RTL Freitag Nacht News." Because actors were late for a shoot, she filled in for a sketch. Afterwards, some people thought she was doing quite well, and Carolin was allowed to play regularly in other sketches and variety comedies, such as "Was guckst Du?" or "RTL Comedy Nacht". Some people thought that was not bad either, and so she came back to FNN as a co-host and had her own TV show for the first time from 2009 on ProSieben: "Broken Comedy. Acting also led to some roles in feature films (e.g. ,,Hanni and Nanni 2").

In addition, she also had time and desire to try herself on stage as a stand-up comedian. Of course, after she had to be persuaded to make her first appearance. Some people thought she was doing quite well, and so she played through various mixed shows in the country, partly also on TV (including "Nightwash", "Quatsch Comedy Club"). In the end, she had worked out so much material that it was too long for mixed shows and she used it to premiere her first full-length solo program "PussyTerror" in 2011, this time of course in Cologne and within the city limits! Some people thought it was quite good and so ,,PussyTerror" ran with great success on TV (Jan. 2014, RTL) and on DVD.

Since 2013, Carolin is regularly part of the ensemble of the ,,ZDF heute-show" and with stand-up short appearances frequent guest in programs such as ,,Nuhr im Ersten", ,,Die Anstalt", ,,Ladies Night" and ,,Mitternachtsspitzen". At the same time, she built up a second leg to stand on as president of the alternative Cologne carnival session ,,Deine Sitzung". Some people at WDR didn't think all this was so bad and asked her if she wouldn't like to do a personality show. The result is the television show ,,PussyTerror TV", which runs in 2015 on WDR television and since 2016 in the first.

Overall, there have already been some people who thought that Carolin does a lot of things quite well and have therefore given her things, such as the ,,Prix Pantheon", the prize ,,Tegtmeiers Erben", the ,,1LIVE Krone" and five times in a row the ,,Deutscher Comedypreis".

Carolin also enjoys singing and speaking, both privately and professionally: she loves to sing - when not on her show - in her band ,,Beer Bitches" or with colleagues such as Brings or Kasalla. When speaking, she likes to lend her voice, e.g. to the teacher ,,Frau Freitag", to colleagues Jürgen von der Lippe and Jochen Malmsheimer for joint audio book projects or to the ,,Minions" for the cinema film of the same name.

Some people thought that cinema and Carolin would go well together and gave her a leading role in the comedy ,,Schatz, nimm Du sie!" in 2017.

In the spring of 2018, the tour ,,AlphaPussy", which started in 2015, was coming to an end. Many people found the show worth seeing - more than 300,000 viewers will have been live after the tour ended. In advance, the program was broadcast on RTL in January and released on DVD and Blu-ray.

On 07 October 2018, Carolin again hosted the German Comedy Award, for which she is also nominated three times. Shortly thereafter started not only the first tour with her band ,,BeerBitches", but also her big new solo tour ,,PussyNation".

In 2019, "Pussy Terror TV" was awarded the German Comedy Award as the best comedy show.

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