Crystal Fighters
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Crystal Fighters

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Love Natural - Crystal Fighters

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In the artist's words:

The Crystal Fighters - a sonorous fusion of traditional Basque music, electronic beats and a rousing live performance. This unique band from London manages to break through genre boundaries and create a musical world that is vibrant, innovative and unmistakable.

With their characteristic mix of folk, electropop and dance, the Crystal Fighters captivate fans worldwide. From rousing festival appearances to energetic club shows, they offer an audiovisual spectacle that transports listeners into an ecstatic world of music.

The band draws its inspiration from various sources, including Basque culture, nature and the human experience. This diversity is reflected not only in their lyrics, but also in the instrumental complexity that makes their music so unique.

Discover the fascinating world of Crystal Fighters and immerse yourself in a musical frenzy of beats, melodies and creative innovation. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer, the Crystal Fighters offer an audiovisual experience that inspires the senses and transcends musical boundaries.

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