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Take 4 cl of the southern French anise schnapps Ricard and 2 cl mint syrup, a glass with ice cubes and fill the whole thing up with cold water. Results in the sum: the new Haiyti album "PERROQUET". A seductive sugary nerve poison that gets you drunk in no time without you noticing. Or else: a very popular drink, especially in Marseille, for long summer afternoons. It is (of course) no coincidence that Haiyti names her album after a drink that hardly anyone in Germany knows. Because this album is like Haiyti herself: a polytox-explosive-exotic mix. A milky-turquoise aperitif not for everyone, but heaven for connoisseurs. A mixture of corrupt street business and gangster pop - music as only Haiyti can write. "Perroquet" is a French Kiss that will make even the worst villain's eyes shine.

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