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Nina Chuba's career began in 2008 as a child actress in the TV series "Die Pfefferkörner", but at the same time, the Hamburg native also discovered her passion for music and learned to play the piano. Twelve years later, she released her debut EP "Power" in July 2020. Nina Chuba makes English-language pop with clear hip hop influences. From mellow tracks to rap parts, Nina Chuba's previous releases show that she's definitely one to watch out for.

Nina Chuba's hit: Wildberry Lillet

Hamburg-born Nina Chuba has been a guaranteed earworm ever since her viral internet hit "Wildberry Lillet" from her first German debut album "Glas".
From soft tracks to rap parts - with her successful releases such as "Femminello", "Tracksuit Velours" and "Zorn & Liebe" by the band Provinz, on which she can be heard as a feature, the singer shows that she is ready to fill big shows and festivals.

The album went through the roof and has been extremely well received by her fans. Some of the cities on her "Glas Tour 2024" are already sold out.

After more than a year in which Nina did not release any new songs, the musician is back with a sign of life. In her latest song"Nina", she delivers a real declaration of war and a number of statements about herself and her music career to date, as the lyrics show:"Whoever said I was out of the picture lied / Play the first violin, now other strings are being wound up" or"I'm not done here yet, I'm mixing up the place / Well recovered and dangerous, trigger mass panic".

Due to the brass-heavy beats in previous songs, there have already been many comparisons to Peter Fox and Seeed, and the new single takes a similar sonic direction. So far, the 25-year-old artist has not announced a new album, but with lines like "My beats are customized, new collection in the closet" she at least hints that a new project could be in the works.

Style and influences: The music of Nina Chuba

Nina Chuba rocks the stage with her unmistakable style, which hovers somewhere between pop, rap and R&B. Her songs, often peppered with catchy beats and clever lyrics, reflect her personal experiences and demonstrate a strong sense of independence. Her influences are varied and range from the classical music she learned as a child to modern greats such as Billie Eilish and Post Malone. This mix makes Nina Chuba's concerts an experience where you never know exactly what's coming next - except that it definitely gets under your skin. Once you see her live, you can feel the energy that Nina radiates on stage and understand why her fan base continues to grow.

Nina Chuba: Who is she and what makes her concerts special?

So are you in the mood for an unforgettable night full of power sounds? Then you should definitely check out the next Nina Chuba concert! As singer Nina, she rocks the stage with an energy that immediately captivates you. Her gigs are more than just a few songs - it's an explosive mix of emotion, rhythm and a show that won't let you stand still. Trust us - Nina Chuba live is in a completely different league. You feel every beat and every line up close. So, if you love music that gets right under your skin, don't miss the next gig!

Frequently asked questions about Nina Chuba

1. which are Nina Chuba's best-known songs or albums?

The most famous song is probably "Wildberry Lillet". But "Mangos mit Chilli" is also among the top songs with over 80 million Spotify streams.

2. does Nina Chuba only make German-language music?

Nina Chuba started her career as a musician with English-language tracks. She now only releases German-language songs.

3. when did Nina Chuba start as a musician?

In April 2018, she released her first EP entitled "Something New". She finally became famous in 2022 with the song "Wildberry Lillet".

4. where can I get concert tickets for the Nina Chuba // Arena Tour 2025?

Here on Rausgegangen you can find all the information about Nina Chuba's concerts and even win guest list places.

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