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Import Export

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Berlosin - Import Export

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In the artist's words:

Import Export, that's dialog, transfer, contrast. These are ones and zeros, shades of gray and shock colors, slow motion and time lapse, Josi Miller and Stefan Heinrich. The haptic, linear sound of the producer duo, infused with big city appeal, moves stylistically between the fields of indie, electronica, house and lo-fi hip hop and is first and foremost simply one thing: extremely innovative. This is proven not least by the two duo's stage performances, which are accompanied by live drums and extravagant visuals.

Josi Miller has been one of the most sought-after DJs in Germany for years, has played pretty much every venue worth mentioning between Hamburg and Zurich and started producing her own music in 2018. A cold, corona-induced stage withdrawal, dozens of jewel hunts at Berlin vinyl markets and countless late-night Bleton live sessions later, Josi is also a pro at sampling disused records and chopping her own vocals.

Stefan Heinrich, who became involved in the creative process at an early stage, is also looking for new artistic challenges as a long-time professional musician. He is a walking pop encyclopaedia, guitarist, bassist and drummer, has formed the indie pop band KLAN together with his brother since 2016 and, thanks to his classical engineering skills, completes Josi's modern sense of sound almost perfectly.

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