Walking On Rivers
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Walking On Rivers

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Overachiever - Walking On Rivers

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In the artist's words:

Something is bubbling in these six songs from their latest EP. OK, you might have guessed that when you read the title 'Time To Lose Control'. But still: weren't Walking On Rivers that melodic indie folk band from Dortmund that had the perfect song for the sunset at many an open air? Who hardly needed more than their accessible, highly melodic songs and David Laudage's soft vocals? Which is quite a lot - admittedly, but still: from the very first seconds of this EP, you can tell that a lot has happened to Walking On Rivers recently. You can hear that these still accessible, highly melodic songs shimmer in a way that is new. You can sense that beneath the fine production and playful effects, there's a tension that you overlook on the first listen through because of the melodic drunkenness, until the lyrics arrive. You recognize the doubts that are first dissected in these lyrics - and then thrashed out with a self-confident chorus.

An introduction that leads to the question: What's going on? David Laudage laughs and explains the title and the mood as follows: "Last year was one in which many of those around us said: 'It's all crap with the music, I'd rather do something clever'. That also led us as a band to ask ourselves: where do we actually want to go?" And this question kept them busy for a while. Not because they lacked encouragement. Quite the opposite: in recent years, they have been on the road at festivals and on their own tours throughout Germany, are regarded as a tireless and always rousing indie folk band and have gained a few more fans with every show. But then there were a few losses in the line-up. Friends who, at the end of their studies, opted for family life. The normal course of events, but for David Laudage (bassist, main singer and songwriter), Martin Kreuzer (drums and much more) and Borsti Pieper (guitar, co-production and much more) - it was also a good opportunity for an honest stocktaking. "Last year brought us to a point where we had to ask ourselves this question," explains David. Then he smiles briefly and says: "We liked the answer. There was a kind of defiant euphoria, which was then followed by a very creative phase." This is also how the title should be understood. At a time when it seemed "sensible" to pursue a career as a teacher or something similar, the three of them said to themselves: "Fuck it, it's time to lose control."


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