We love your Mom Tour 2023 FOTO: © Jana Lämmerer

We love your Mom Tour 2023

In the artist’s words:

What do trash TV, happy meals and mom crushes have in common? They're all things we love but skillfully sweep under the rug. It's time to bring them out and celebrate our own "Guilty Pleasures" with pride. Because everyone should please love who or what they want.

In the new LIVE program "We love your Mom" podcaster Ricarda Hofmann and actress Maike Johanna Reuter talk about everything they (secretly) love. From mom crushes and sex mishaps to their love of gasoline smells and cat content, this show puts their favorite secret things where they belong: in the spotlight.

"We love your Mom" is a show with feelings that can no longer be suppressed as of today. A show where "smash" or "pass" are equally served. A LIVE show you never knew you always wanted to see.

It will be queer, it will be honest, it will be funny!

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