So, have you got visitors and are panicking about what to do with your parents, university friends, grandma, godchild or parents-in-law for the next 24, 48 or even 72 hours? We've been there. But don't panic - you've got us. Depending on how long your loved ones will be making themselves comfortable on your couch, we have divided our Munich tour into 24, 48 and 72 hours.

First day in Munich

The best way to start the first day in Munich is at Marienplatz. Even if Munich locals avoid this place themselves, the town hall is a landmark of the city and a good photo opportunity for good reason. However, you should check off the tourist hotspot par excellence as early as possible - it's best not to mention the daily carillon at 11 am and 12 pm (in winter also at 5 pm) to your guests, as it's not that exciting. So our recommendation: it's best to take a look at the town hall and Marienplatz before breakfast, before the usual crowds show up.

© Julia Wittmann

Then it's time for the first refreshment. The Viktualienmarkt is just around the corner and offers a large selection of different stalls. We reveal our favorite stalls here, for example. If you're in the mood for coffee specialties, Florentiners or Franzbrötchen, head to sweet spot Kaffee in Heiliggeisststraße.

Freshly fortified, the ascent of Old Peter could then be on your program. From up there, you have a great view of the Old Town - for just five euros per person. Schoolchildren can even go up for just 2 euros. And if you're now grumbling that five euros is a lot: That's true. But hey, welcome to Munich.

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From Alter Peter, continue in the direction of Odeonsplatz, past the State Opera and the Residenz, towards the English Garden. You can drop a little insider knowledge that will impress, for example, when you pass Viscardigasse. This is also known as "Drückebergergasse" in Munich. You can find out why here. Through the Hofgarten, you will finally reach the Eisbachwelle, which is located right next to the Haus der Kunst. If you have an art-interested visitor, be sure to treat yourself to a few hours in this museum.

Fräulein Grüneis will provide you with drinks and snacks while you watch the surfers. The walk continues through the English Garden, past the Monopteros, towards the Chinese Tower, where a typical Bavarian beer garden awaits you, perfect for lunch in fine weather and a typical Munich picture with a beer mug in your hand.

© Julia Wittmann

After refreshments, it's a short walk back through the English Garden, which you can leave at the university. In addition to the impressive main building of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, you can also see the Siegestor, Ludwigskirche and the Bavarian State Library directly on Leopoldstraße. It is also worth taking a look inside the university building, where you can discover traces of the White Rose, for example.

From there, you can explore Maxvorstadt and Schwabing. There are several boutiques, antique stores, cafés and restaurants along Schellingstraße. And Hohenzollernstraße is also a great place for a stroll. And you can get delicious Italian food in these stores, for example.

Second day in Munich

Start your second day in Munich with a view of the Alps. The Cafe Vorhölzer on the 5th floor of the Technical University offers delicious breakfasts and small main courses as well as a wonderful view over Munich, which extends as far as the Alps in good weather.

Once you have gained an overview of the adjacent museum quarter (look to the left), you can explore it from the ground. In the Alte Pinakothek, the Neue Pinakothek, the Pinakothek der Moderne and the Museum Brandhorst, everything from Old Masters to contemporary art is represented. You can read our monthly art tips to find out whether we recommend any exhibitions there.

© Zinnur Yüksel

If you don't feel like visiting a museum, a walk through the district is still recommended - even just to see the Futuro! If you want to reward yourself after the cultural program, you can treat yourself to delicious homemade ice cream at Ballabeni or stop by Café Von&Zu for a glass of wine.

Freshly fortified, take streetcar 27/28 in the direction of Sendlinger Tor to explore the Glockenbach district. Once you arrive at Sendlinger Tor, you can walk along Müllerstraße, where numerous cafés and restaurants invite you to take a break. We can recommend, for example, Madame Anna Ekke for tarte flambée or shakshuka or Diese Gut for köfte, falafel and mezze cravings.

© Anouschka Hoffmann

With a full belly, continue across Gärtnerplatz to Reichenbachbrücke, from where you have a great view over the Isar. Photo op! On warmer days, the water is especially beautiful (cool) from close up, which is why we recommend a detour to the banks and then dipping your feet in. On not so warm days we would advise against it, the Isar is then very cold.

© Annika Wagner

After the detour to the water, continue to the right of the Isar towards Haidhausen. Pass the Gasteig and you will reach the wonderful Wiener Platz, which invites you to linger due to its village-like character. Typical of Haidhausen are the many small, historic craftsmen's cottages that can still be found there today. You can discover a few of them at the back of Preysingstraße or in Steinstraße, for example.

Just stroll through the neighborhoods and explore the area. Pay attention to the street names. If they sound very French, then you are already in the French Quarter. There you will find the café in the backyard, which is perfect for a cake break.

Head back to Rosenheimer Platz via Weißenburger Platz, from where you can take streetcar 20 or 25 to Giesing. There you can end the evening relaxing in the Ambar with craft beer and Neapolitan cuisine.

Third day in Munich

In addition to the Viktualienmarkt, there are other markets in Munich that you should try out - such as the Elisabethmarkt, where you can start your third day. Although it is currently undergoing renovation, you can still get a good coffee here, for example at Standl 20. From here, take streetcar 12 to Leonrodplatz, change to streetcar 20 to travel two stops to Olympiapark West and walk from here to the Olympic grounds.

The BMW Museum, the Olympic Tower, the Olympic Stadium - there's plenty to see here. If you haven't seen enough of Munich from above, you have another chance to see the city from the Olympic Tower. For lunch, it's better to move on, as the offerings here are rather touristy and expensive.

Take the streetcar to Rotkreuzplatz, where you can stop off at a restaurant such as Volkart. After refreshments, you can take streetcar 17 in the direction of Amalienburg to Nymphenburg Palace in a short time.

© Zinnur Yüksel

Swans, fountains and garden palaces - Nymphenburg is always worth a visit. Delicious cakes and redcurrant spritzers are available in the Palm House, right at the beginning of the park. The palace, with its huge park, is also adjacent to the botanical garden, which is always an inviting place for a stroll and not only makes parents' hearts beat faster.

© Nelson Ndongala / Unsplash

Streetcar 17 will take you back to the main station. Here you can order one last cool drink on the new Kosmos terrace.

© Annika Wagner

If your visitor still has to wait for their train and you don't fancy butter pretzels from the main station, then you should definitely try the Israeli specialties at Neni. The restaurant itself is a sight to behold and the food is delicious anyway. And then it's "Goodbye Munich, see you next time".

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