You're probably familiar with it: you spend hours scrolling through various streaming platforms, only to end up back at your all-time favorite feel-good series. Boring? We think so too! If you really want to experience the latest blockbusters, you can still go to the movies 😍🎞

Our tip: The ASTOR Filmlounge at the ARRI! This is where traditional movie theaters meet modern premium cinema ✨ In addition to current film highlights, you can also experience arthouse gems, classics and even theater and opera broadcasts in the cinema. Curtain up, movie on: here are 5 reasons why going to the cinema beats streaming at home!

Service on site

No more standing in line and spending half your time waiting in the cinema - because in the ASTOR Film Lounge you'll be served at your seat! Lean back, make yourself comfortable in the reclining (!) premium armchair and place your order from your seat before the movie starts. Now that really is pure luxury 🤩

1-A technology

A detail not to be underestimated: the technology! The ASTOR Filmlounge is not only equipped with one of the largest screens in Germany (approx. 200m²), but also with a Dolby ATMOS sound system and state-of-the-art laser projection. So the special effects simply kick in differently!

Another special technical feature of the ASTOR Filmlounge is that it is one of the few cinemas in Germany that can play 70mm film prints. The special thing about it? Analog film prints can reproduce a greater variety and depth of color and are softer and more detailed. We have heard that one or the other has already driven all over Germany to see their favorite film on 70mm. 📽️

Cocktails & Co

As James Bond once said: "A martini. Shaken, not stirred." 😎 The drinks menu at the ASTOR FILMLOUNGE goes far beyond classic soft drinks. Depending on your mood, you canchoose between long drinks, beer, wine and delicious cocktails at the atmospheric bar in the foyer. Cheers! 🍸

Matching finger food is of course also a must: How about a cheese plate, a variety of tapas or delicious wine accompaniments? So nothing stands in the way of your next-level visit to the cinema.

Community experience

Better together! 💜 Instead of lounging around at home alone or as a couple, it's much nicer to sit together with lots of people and watch the big screen. Whether it's with friends, your family or other moviegoers - you can laugh, cry or hold your breath in suspense together at the cinema. For us, one of the best things about going to the movies is reviewing everything with your friends after the movie is over and exchanging thoughts about every exciting detail.

Cell phone free zone

Have you ever heard of the POPC phenomenon? It means "permanently online, permanently connected". Because who hasn't experienced it: you're lying in bed, watching episode after episode of your new binge-watch series and still checking your messages on your cell phone every five minutes. Only to be annoyed that you've only caught half the story again. Multitasking at it's finest 🥵

But wouldn't it be nice to be completely in the moment and really lose yourself in the plot of the movie? At the movies, you can simply switch off and escape from your everyday life.

The mix of traditional movie theater and modern premium cinema makes the ASTOR Filmlounge in the ARRI something very special. Whether in the ultra-modern ASTOR film hall, the cozy leather armchairs in the Arri or in the charming club cinema with a living room feeling - the film theater is an absolute feel-good place. Come by and let us show you how beautiful cinema can be!


Türkenstrasse 91

🤫 Psst... We have a special tip for you: September 9 & 10 is a nationwide cinema festival - and so is the ASTOR Filmlounge at ARRI! What does that mean? Well, you can watch any movie for just €5 on the weekend. Which movie will you choose? 👇

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