Kunstlabor 2 has been open to visitors since the end of October. On a tour over two floors, you can discover a wide variety of art installations in many small rooms. We can promise you this much: It won't be boring.

Munich's largest temporary use can currently be found on Dachauerstrasse. On a total of 10,000 square meters, everything here revolves around art - of the most diverse genres. A real art laboratory. And also the second of its kind, as the art lab organizers from MUCA already operated a former Tengelmann as an "art lab" in 2018. The first of its kind at the time.

© Photo: Anouschka Hoffmann

Now it is the former health center in Maxvorstadt, which will be used temporarily for five years. A wide variety of local and internationally renowned artists and their work can be discovered in many small rooms. Visitors can embark on an exciting journey of discovery and explore colorful installations or purist rooms. References to the former use of the health center can also be found in some of the works. Former furniture has been incorporated into some of the artworks without further ado.

© Photo: Anouschka Hoffmann

Each of the artists was able to work on their installations for a few weeks. However, the spaces are regularly put out to tender so that they can be used by new artists. So it certainly never gets boring at Kunstlabor 2.

© Photo: Anouschka Hoffmann

And not because there are plans for much more: In addition to guided tours, workshops, studio days, film festivals, concerts, readings, performances and much more are to take place in the future. A catering service is also set to move into Kunstlabor 2 from December.

You can currently visit the art lab on Fridays and at weekends. Tickets are available online. The 3G rule applies and masks are compulsory in the building.

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