A small boazn in Balanstraße in Haidhausen has everything that makes us really happy: pretty good pizza, beer from Maierbräu and, above all, a relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to stay longer.

Almost inconspicuous from the outside, but with plenty of original charm on the inside: Balan21 near Rosenheimer Platz. A little stroke of luck for us, because here you not only get the unbeatable combination of pizza and beer, but also the absolute calmness that only boazns can offer.

Behind the pizza at Balan21 is Salievito, a mobile pizzeria that offers street food and catering throughout Munich with its mobile wood-fired oven. During the second lockdown, the pizza bakers had to change their business model slightly and found a new home at Balan21.

Pizza to go in Haidhausen was the motto back then. However, due to the high demand, the Salievito team decided after some time to run the Balan a little more professionally this winter. Pizzas can still be ordered to take away, but can now also be enjoyed on site at Balan. And when it comes to drinking, Zeno from Salievito recommends the following:

In terms of drinks, we stay true to the Boazn. There is beer and, as the highest of feelings, a glass of house wine. I can recommend that all those who get the pizza to go take a bottle of"hi tildi" with them for a nice evening at home. Mixed with tonic or spritzed, it tastes wonderful with pizza.

But let's get back to the pizzas. The menu is small, usually with five to six variations.

Instead of quantity, the pizza bakers tend to focus on creativity. Take the "Blu di Bufala", for example, which comes as a pizza bianca and with gorgonzola. The spiciness of the gorgonzola is counteracted with artichokes, and fresh mint and parsley are added at the end to give it a very special flavor. Or the "Miele" pizza with buffalo mozzarella, tomato sugo and salsiccia. It tastes good anyway, but a mixture of honey and chili adds a special touch that we can only recommend. Incidentally, the pizzas are priced between 10 and 13 euros.

Vegetarian pizzas are also always on the menu. And whatever is not vegetarian can be made so. Zeno also explains:

We make sure that we manage the balancing act between authentic Neapolitan pizzas - for example, we use real 00 flour and buffalo mozzarella from Campania - and regionality - our sausage comes from the Widl butcher's shop in the Munich area - with our own touch.

If you're not in the mood for pizza now, we can't help you. But if you do, you can drop by Balan21 from Thursday to Sunday and enjoy not only good pizza, but also a cozy boazn atmosphere.

You can of course also have your pizza delivered or pick it up yourself(you can order by phone here).

This content has been machine translated.