Jumping into the water in the middle of the city? 💦 Definitely one of Munich's biggest plus points in summer. In addition to the Isar, the Flaucher, the lakes and outdoor pools, you can also cool off in the English Garden. This is where some of Munich's city streams flow, leading you to some more and some less well-known bathing spots in the countryside. Dive in! 🏊‍♀️🌿

Eisbach - South

© Michael Obstoj

Everyone in Munich actually knows the Eisbach. It is usually the first place to go when you want to cool off in the English Garden. In the south of the park, directly behind the Eisbach wave, you can get into the water and let yourself drift with the current until you reach the second, smaller wave. Here you can get out using the rope.

Another alternative is to get on after the second wave and drift to Tivolistraße. There you will find two stairs on the left that you can use to get out. In this section, the Eisbach is approx. 1.50 meters deep, approx. 15 degrees cold and the current is very strong. As soon as you swim to the edge, the current becomes somewhat weaker.

Attention: Please only go into the water if you can swim well. The Eisbach is not without danger and swimming in it is officially prohibited.

Eisbach -North

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However, the Eisbach does not end here. If you follow the water on foot or by bike further north, you will come to another, slightly less dangerous section. As soon as you see the Mittlerer Ring bridge through the park, you're in the right place. On the meadow in front of the Tivoli power station, you can put your things down and walk back under the bridge, against the current, before venturing into the water. The depth and cold conditions are similar, but the current is less strong in this part of the Eisbach. Getting out on one of the sides is also less strenuous. But the same applies here: only enter the water if you are a good swimmer.

Schwabinger Bach - South

© Julia Wittmann

The Schwabinger Bach, the tributary of the Eisbach, is the perfect place for those who like things a little more relaxed and sociable. Here you'll find plenty of like-minded sun worshippers cooling off (and their drinks) in the shallow water. The water here is slightly warmer than in the Eisbach and only reaches up to your knees. Perfect for splashing around, refreshing and relaxing. So, let's get into the fun!

Schwabinger Bach - North

© Michael Obstoj

The Schwabinger Bach, like the Eisbach, stretches further into the enchanting northern part of the English Garden. However, you have to drive a little further to get to the perfect water access. Don't worry, it's worth it! At about the same level as the Alte Heide and Studentenstadt subway stations, you will find numerous cozy sunbathing lawns right next to the stream, just waiting for you to settle down and sunbathe.

From here, you have fantastic access to the water and can dive in again and again to cool off. The best thing is that the stream here is slightly deeper than in the south, so swimming is possible. Water fun guaranteed!

Our tip: Pack an air mattress and take advantage of the still strong current to drift comfortably. Simply lie down, enjoy the sun and follow the course of the river - it couldn't be more relaxing!


© Michael Obstoj

The Oberstjägermeisterbach is probably the biggest insider tip in the English Garden. This place is perfect if you want to cool off away from the hustle and bustle but don't want to swim much. The best thing about it is that you're right in the middle of the English Garden, but not everyone knows about this hidden treasure.

The Oberstjägermeisterbach stream stretches between the Mini-Hofbräuhaus and the Isar weir and invites you to linger. Between the Mini-Hofbräuhaus and the Isar weir, you can make yourself comfortable in the grass along the stream. It's best to look for a spot after the bird sanctuary island. The water is deepest there and resembles the northern section of the Schwabinger Bach. If you go further north, you will notice that the water becomes shallower. In this section, it's usually only the dogs that swim, so don't be surprised if you come across four-legged water lovers.

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