After the cold months, we can finally get back on our bikes. Don't know where to go? We've put together three routes to inspire you.

Before you set off, you should get your bike ready for spring. Take out your helmet, dust off your bike, pump up your tires, oil your chains, check your lights and brakes - off you go! If you're riding through the city center, you should always have a mask with you.

© Waldemar Brandt/Unsplash

Route 1: Hirschgarten - Nymphenburg Palace - Olympiaberg

Duration: approx. 30 - 45 minutes
Distance: 7km

This cycle route takes you from one excursion point to the next. You start at the deer park. A look at the deer enclosure before you really set off is of course a must. Following Hirschgartenallee northwards, you reach Nymphenburg Palace. A short stop to admire the palace is also allowed here. Continue north along Maria-Ward-Straße to Wintrichring, from where you can turn right onto Baldurstraße. Baldurstraße takes you past the Westfriedhof cemetery to the Olympiapark. As soon as you are in the park, you can already see your destination: the Olympiaberg. One last pedal, then you've made it. The effort is rewarded with a panoramic view over the park.

Route 2: Friedensengel - Grünwald Castle

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Distance: 14km

This route takes you out of the city along the Isar. We would suggest the Friedensengel as a starting point, but of course you can start wherever suits you best. Once you are on the cycle path to the right of the Isar, there is only one direction to go: south. While you are still in the middle of the city at the beginning of the ride, the houses become fewer and fewer over time and you end up in the middle of nature. From Grosshesseloher Bridge onwards, there are lots of mountain bikers on the road and the paths become a little uneven. With the right equipment, however, this is not a problem. Remember that you also have to ride home again and save your energy.

© Luba Schwirtz

Route 3: Perlacher Forst

Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Distance: 8km

Perlacher Forst is located below Giesing and is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many ways to explore the forest by bike. The well-maintained gravel paths are no problem for normal bikes. If you have a mountain bike, you can also find small bike tracks and trails here. The Giesinger Waldhaus is a good starting point for exploring the Perlacher Forst. The protected ponds in the forest could serve as an intermediate destination. From there, the circular route, which you can extend as you wish, takes you back to Giesing.

If you would prefer to plan your own route, we recommend the online route planner of the city of Munich. With this tool, you can easily find the greenest or fastest route through the city.

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