✨It's All About Christmas✨ - Although most of us don't revolve around Christmas 365 days a year, at the latest when the first cookies are on the table and the most beautiful lights make our Veedel shine, every Cologne resident, no matter how jolly, turns into a little Christmas elf.

Are you already dreading the thought of jostling your way through the Schildergasse? Then sit back, relax and take a look at our Christmas gift tips for this year. Maybe it will save you from frantically searching for the right gift for your parents, your friends, grandma, grandpa or anyone else 😉.

© Ernst coffee roastery

Coffee enjoyment from the ERNST coffee roastery

There's always that one person in your family or circle of friends who is addicted to coffee, isn't there? - Christmas coffee from Rösterei Ernst is the insider tip for all coffee lovers!
Produced in Huetenango, Guatemala, this coffee from Finca Terrazas offers an impressive range of varieties and state-of-the-art processing techniques.The natural processing, using only the ripest cherries, gives the coffee a unique taste that perfectly suits the cozy Advent season - chocolaty and delicious cherry. Mmmm! 🥰
And the best thing? You can get three packs of 250g for just €35 instead of €39 and make your loved ones happy! The perfect gift for an aromatic Christmas season - curious? Then order the coffee directly from the online store or pop into a Rösterei Ernst store! 🤝

🎄 FOR WHOM? Lovers of the black gold

WHEN? As of now

💰 HOW MUCH? Three packs of 250g for just €35 instead of €39

© Urban Sports Club

Doing sport together with Urban Sports Club

Give 50 gifts in one?🤩
Here's THE gift idea that will score you points. Because with Urban Sport Club you don't just get one present, but 50 under the Christmas tree!
Just imagine: Yoga in the morning, fitness in the afternoon and a round of wellness in the evening - all with just one voucher! Over 50 types of sport offer variety for every taste and therefore the perfect gift for all your loved ones 💪
One month, three months or maybe even half a year? You decide how long the voucher is valid for & not only give the gift of exercise, but also lots of fun!

& honestly, the best thing is spending time together - and after the festive season, you can hop on a bike with your loved ones, relax with yoga or dive into the water. NICE! 🌟

🎄 FOR WHOM? For everyone who likes to keep fit together

WHEN? Bookable at any time for different periods

💰 HOW MUCH? From €69

© Holiday on Ice

LANXESS arena - an experience for the whole family

It will be freezing cold in the LANXESS arena in 2024. Because in March, HOLIDAY ON ICE celebrates its 80th anniversary with the spectacular show "NO LIMITS". Wow! "NO LIMITS" promises a fast-paced show that will thrill you with amazing performances, daring stunts and world-class figure skating. Whether young or old - the adventurous love story full of exciting entertainment and magical surprises is guaranteed to enchant you. We say: you really must see this live! Get your tickets now & look forward to a hero's journey full of love, adventure and unforgettable moments on the ice.

🎄 FOR WHOM? For the whole family

WHEN? 22-24.03.2024

💰 HOW MUCH? 34,40€ to 84,40€

© Eat the World

EAT THE WOLRD - everyone can enjoy it here

Give away vouchers for Eat the World's culinary city tours in over 50 cities. Because during the voucher promotion from 20.11. - 30.12.2023 you will receive 4 vouchers for the price of 3 and get a whole 25% discount. What makes the tours so special? Here you not only explore your neighborhood, but also experience it with all your senses! On each tour, you can enjoy the delicacies of selected restaurants in the district - without missing out on the history, current events and interesting facts about the city. You will then receive the vouchers easy & fast as a PDF or as a high-quality gift card by post!

🎄 FOR WHOM? Joyful connoisseurs

WHEN? The promotion runs from 20.11. - 30.12.2023. The vouchers will then be valid for a full 3 years.

💰 HOW MUCH? 4 vouchers for the price of 3 = 132€ instead of 176€

© Cologne Philharmonic Hall

Experience concerts together in the Kölner Philharmonie

Your grandma is a true music lover and your brother is passionate about playing an instrument? We have the perfect gift idea for all those who come from a musical background: Christmas packages and vouchers from the magical place where the language of music enters into a fascinating connection with culture and emotions - a.k.a. the PHILHARMONIE KÖLN. Here you can choose from 4 possible concert packages. Would you prefer a musical journey into distant worlds of sound with bossa nova and flamenco or a classical orchestra? You know your loved ones best and get to decide. Browse through the selection now!

🎄 FOR WHOM? Everyone who appreciates special music and great acoustics

WHEN? You can find the four concert packages now on the website

💰 HOW MUCH? There are price advantages of up to 40%

© Calla Mronz

A special kind of wine tasting with Pieroth

When we stand in front of a wine rack, it always follows the same principle: try and error! That's over now. With winetasting from Pieroth, you not only drink happily to yourself, but your personal wine profile is also created at the same time. How do you do that? After each wine, you tell the professionals whether you liked the wine and what you particularly liked or disliked. Little by little, you'll get a little closer to your favorite wines and get tips for your next purchase. No more deciding by label alone. Yay!

🎄 FOR WHOM? Everyone who wants to find their taste in wine & is in the mood for a cozy evening

WHEN? You can find the upcoming dates on the website

💰 HOW MUCH? 19,90 to 29,90 €

Vouchers from surft.kologne

surft.kologne introduces you to surfing and everything that goes with the surfer lifestyle in a casual and incredibly open-minded way. And we really mean everything that goes with it.

Longboard courses, surf yoga, SUP yoga on the water, surf trips and surf sessions on the Rhine. Yes, you heard right - you can surf on the Rhine. With a surfboard, wetsuit and all the trimmings. We'll try to keep it short: You take a motorboat out onto the Rhine, get into the water with your board and hold on to the boat with a kind of line, the boat creates a left or right wave for you (just as you need it ;)) and then the absolute fun can begin. We were also allowed to try out the Rheinsurf and afterwards we all had a HUGE smile on our faces. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced surfer! Everyone really gets their money's worth here and then falls into bed completely exhausted. So what are you waiting for?

🎄 FOR WHOM? For everyone who wants to bring a bit of surf to Cologne and give away lots of fun

WHEN? The vouchers can be purchased at any time on the website and are valid for one year

💰 HOW MUCH? from €20


Give the gift of virtual time travel with TIMERIDE

Attention history lovers! 👀 Give the gift of an exciting journey through time in Cologne. Yes, you can - TIMERIDE makes it possible! Thanks to virtual 360-degree moving image scenes, you can immerse yourself in the historical events. Out of 2023, into 1926: the Roaring Twenties in Cologne - and you're right in the middle of it. Feel the lifestyle of this era as if you were part of history. Or how about a look behind the scenes of Cologne Cathedral? See how this impressive building survived crises, wars and times to become one of Germany's top sights. So go ahead, make your loved ones happy and give them a trip into the past with the TIMERIDE gift voucher - Cologne's history in 360 degrees!

🎄 FOR WHOM? For all those who want to experience past times up close

WHEN? You can buy the vouchers at any time on the website

💰 HOW MUCH? You can get vouchers from €13

© Thomas Brill

Heaven and Kölle

Imagine unwrapping tickets for the musical "Himmel und Kölle" under the Christmas tree - that would be fabulous, wouldn't it? You can get tickets for this heavenly comedy musical experience from just €39. NICE! "Himmel und Kölle" takes your loved ones on a night full of laughter, crises of faith and Cologne charm. Elmar, a young priest from the countryside, is transferred to Cologne and experiences the highs and lows of his convictions in just one wild night. After this funny, good-humored play, family peace is definitely assured!

🎄 FOR WHOM? All Cologne fans

WHEN? The current season runs until the end of April 2023

💰 HOWMUCH? From €39

© GOP Show Sentimientos

GOP Variety Theater Bonn

Gifts are great. But spending time with your loved ones is even better - that's why we love gifts that focus on spending time together! 🥰
Treat your loved ones to a break from everyday life with a voucher for the GOP Varieté Theater in our neighbouring city of Bonn. Whether it's a breathtaking show with an optional delicious 3-course menu, an enjoyable dinner in the Leander restaurant or a gift voucher - there are experiences for every taste here. Because what's more valuable than time together? 😇
An insider tip for real entertainment fans: the 2024 season ticket. Experience six shows, but only pay for five! Here you can choose flexibly from over 30 dates per show and give the gift of anticipation for a year full of unique moments: For each season subscription, you will receive an individual code for each show in 2024 that can be redeemed for a ticket on your preferred date. The coolest thing about it? The tickets are transferable - so you can make six special people happy at once! 🎄

🎄 FOR WHOM? Fans of great evening entertainment

WHEN? You can find the dates on the website

💰 HOW MUCH? You can enter your desired amount for the vouchers

© Drama Cologne

Drama Cologne

As culture lovers, we naturally prefer to give the gift of great events that can be enjoyed alone or together, so it's no surprise that Schauspiel Köln and Museum Ludwig have made it into our gift guide. In 2024, there are also great pieces waiting here that your friends or family are sure to enjoy. For just €55 (reduced €40), your loved ones can experience two theater performances and two visits to the Museum Ludwig of their choice. And they'll also be well catered for: after the cultural trip, two hot drinks in the Museum Ludwig or in the Offenbach restaurant at CARLsGARTEN are included.
Well, if that's not the perfect gift for spending time together? You can purchase this great gift until 15.12. at: tickets@buehnen.koeln or by phone 0221 - 221 28400!
🎄 FOR WHOM? Theater and museum fans

WHEN? The online store is open around the clock

💰 HOW MUCH? 55€

Annual subscription to Missy magazine

How about an annual magazine subscription? You're giving the gift of something long-lasting, tactile and great, up-to-date content.

Missy is the magazine for pop, politics and feminism. With six issues per year, the magazine offers exciting articles on topics such as trans families, sex work, the shift to the right, coding, fat acceptance, compatibility and much more. Missy goes beyond trends and actively campaigns against sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and anti-Semitism. The feminist magazine not only provides content, but also an attitude - intersectional and inclusive. With a mix of pop culture, politics, humor and critical self-reflection, Missy offers a diverse perspective on the world of feminism.

🎄 FOR WHOM? Simply everyone!

WHEN? Bookable at any time for one year

💰 HOW MUCH? The Basic subscription is available from €40 per year

Inclusive sports book for children

The hidden object book "Mimi's colorful sport" presents diversity and inclusivity in sport in a unique way. People of different skin colors, body shapes, love constellations, gender identities as well as people with and without disabilities are shown in a colorful and lively way - all without clichés. The book conveys the joy of movement and shows that everyone is welcome in sport, regardless of background or ability. You are supporting a crowdfunding project - the book will be sent to you after a successful campaign - mega worthy of support, we think!

🎄 FOR WHOM? Children

WHEN? Support the crowdfunding campaign now and receive your book next year if funding is successful

💰 HOW MUCH? You can support the project for as little as €5



TSCHIEF, whose name outside the internet is Sebastian, has already been involved in two of our poster editions. Since then, his Instagram account has grown from just under 10,000 to over 100,000 followers - and counting. No one mourns the summer quite like TSCHIEF. We are big fans of him, his prints and everything he does on the internet. We can say with full conviction: every home is more beautiful with something from TSCHIEF's store on the wall.

Psssssst, we have a surprise for you: With the code RAUSGEGANGEN10 you get 10% off everything. NO EXCUSES! 🤝

🎄 FOR WHOM? Fans of TSCHIEF and those who want to become fans

WHEN? The online store is open around the clock

💰 HOW MUCH? From 12,50 €

© @coziness_eu

Coziness Pop Up Store

At the Coziness Pop Up Store presented by Urban Dreams Cologne, you will not only find cool sneakers for yourself - but also the perfect gift for all shoe lovers. Do you already know exactly what will go down well? Perfect - grab the shoe in the right size and make sure the eyes under the Christmas tree light up. Or treat your friends or family to a gift voucher and they can decide for themselves what suits them. From limited editions to timeless classics - you'll make every fashion fan happy here!

🎄 FOR WHOM? Sneakerheads

WHEN? The Pop Up Store is open until 31.12.

💰 HOW MUCH? Different prices

Voucher for our secret concerts

Fancy a bit of sparkle and mystery under the tree? Holla at us. Brand New: Vouchers are now finally available for our secret concerts. It's not only exciting for your loved ones, but also for you, so here you go! The principle is as easy as it is simple: you don't know anything. The location and act remain secret until shortly beforehand. Only the date and the meeting point are clear. From there we go to the location together. This has already taken place over 30 times in Cologne with acts such as Querbeat, Provinz, ENNIO, berq Maria Basel and many more. - just let yourself be surprised!

🎄 FOR WHOM? Lovers of good music and new exciting shared experiences

WHEN? You will find out when the next concert is taking place via the secret mailing list or via web/app and socials.

💰 HOW MUCH? 1 pc. each 20 € + VVK fees, 2 pcs. each 17,50€ (35€) and 5 pcs. each 15 € (75€) + VVK fees

Would you prefer to give concert tickets as a gift or make yourself happy? Then take a look at our website and take part in our prize draws:

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