Rausgegangen GmbH, based at Ehrenfeldgürtel 86, 50823 Cologne, Germany, is an organizer of competitions on the various platforms: Rausgegangen website and app, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The following also applies to competitions via the app, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages: The competition is in no way connected to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Apple or Google and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Apple or Google.

Participation in Rausgegangen competitions is subject to these conditions of participation and the competition rules for individual competitions, in which the procedure and period of the competition, the prizes and the determination and announcement of the winners are specified. Prizes in kind cannot be paid out in cash and cannot be exchanged. By participating in the competition, participants accept the conditions of participation and the competition rules.

Participation in Rausgegangen competitions is free of charge and is not linked to the purchase of goods or services from Rausgegangen.

The winners will be notified by Rausgegangen by email no later than 12 hours before the start of the event (for competitions on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok via the message function). In the case of the Advent calendar lottery, winners will be notified no later than one week after the door has been published. For all other competitions, the winners will generally receive notification seven days after the Lotteries. Any travel and/or accommodation costs incurred as a result will not be covered and must be organized independently. It should also be noted that the availability of the participants on the respective event day and time must be ensured by the participants themselves.

All persons aged 18 and over who are resident in the Federal Republic of Germany are eligible to participate. Participation by children or young people is only permitted if their legal guardians agree to their participation in the competition prior to participation; in the event of a win, the prize will be awarded to the legal guardians. Employees of Rausgegangen and relatives of affected employees are excluded from participation. Each participant may only take part in a single competition once. Registration on the website is required for this purpose.

Any violation of the conditions of participation, including the rules for the competition in question, entitles Rausgegangen to exclude the respective participant from participation. This applies in particular if a participant provides false information when registering for the competition or attempts to manipulate the course of the game or the conditions for winning a prize (e.g. by manipulating software). If the excluded participant is a winner, the prize may be subsequently forfeited. The entitlement to the prize shall also lapse if the prize cannot be transferred within six weeks of the first notification of the prize for reasons attributable to the winner; in this case, a replacement winner will be determined. Participants undertake not to share any illegal content.

Rausgegangen reserves the right to terminate the competition prematurely in whole or in part at any time, even without observing deadlines, or to change the course of the competition if it is not possible to guarantee the proper execution of the competition for technical (e.g. computer virus, manipulation of or errors in software/hardware) or legal reasons. Rausgegangen collects, processes and uses the personal data provided by participants when entering the competition (e.g. name, address, email address) to run the competition, in particular for the purpose of notifying the winners.

Rausgegangen reserves the right to pass on the winner's data to third parties if this is necessary for the delivery and redemption of the prize. The participants agree to the use of their data for this purpose.

The sale of guest list places is expressly prohibited. Rausgegangen cannot take back the prize. If the winner is unable to attend, the code names can be passed on as a gift.

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