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A warm aroma of delicious cookie dough wafts through the city center - where does it come from?
Cookie Couture - a small, sweet store in the middle of Ehrenstraße . Everything here revolves around cookies. Why, fluffy and crispy on the outside - wanna try?

Who are you & what is your role in the company?

Hey, I'm Niklas - the founder of Cookie Couture!

How do you explain what you do to your grandma?

Dry, hard and crumbly cookies are not for us. That's why we decided to turn the world of cookies on its head!
Our cookies are served fresh from the oven - they are crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.
By decorating the cookies in front of the customer, our cookies become small and especially delicious works of art.

How do you make the world a little better or easier?

It's impossible to be sad while eating a cookie - Especially in times of war and crisis, it's nice for us to see how our customers can leave their everyday lives behind for a moment and how our cookies bring a smile to their faces. It's an incredible feeling to be able to sweeten the day for so many different people.

Working to live or living to work?

For us, cookies are not a job, but a passion!
When you look at our freshly baked and decorated creations, it quickly becomes clear to everyone that we don't see the production of our cookies as work, but that it is a project of the heart with a lot of dedication and attention to detail .

I personally would like to encourage everyone to pursue an activity that doesn't feel like work, but is based on their own passion! ❤️

What anecdote do you like to tell about you and your team?

It may sound a little crazy - but we are not confectioners.

Julia - the mastermind behind all the delicious cookie creations - worked day and night on the recipes for six months. After almost 1,000 baking attempts, the time had come - we managed to create the most delicious and beautiful cookies in the world. Even though it all seemed almost impossible at the time, we are now convinced that many of our ideas only came to us thanks to our fresh perspective from outside the industry and that this is what made our success possible.

Of course, the products have been given a final polish by experienced master confectioners!

Where else is the journey going?

We are very proud to have turned the world of cookies upside down for all cookielovers from Cologne. But we also want to make people in other German and European cities smile with our cookies. Nothing stands in the way of this, as we have already received various inquiries from franchise partners. Despite all the enthusiasm from customers and prospective franchisees, we still don't want to rush things and want to grow in a controlled manner so that we can continue to offer outstanding quality.

But don't worry: we'll step on the gas, of course! Frankfurt coming soon!

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